Sunday, September 04, 2011

A little tiny setback

We have been waiting for our I-800 approval and thought it would be coming this week. We went to the lake on Friday for the weekend and got home this afternoon. We found two pink letters from the USCIS in our mailbox. Actually they were both addressed to Rob. But we all know who does the paperwork at our house. Not Rob! So the first letter was in reference to our I-800A, which is what we were in the process of extending when we got our referral. The letter said that our home study preparer does not appear to be accredited by the Hague Convention and that we should have LSS, who is an accredited Hague preparer prepare our home study. Now it doesn't take a lot to confuse me sometimes, and this is no exception. LSS prepared our home study in the first place so I'm not sure what that is all about. The other letter is in reference to the I-800, which is the paperwork we sent in with Jack's information. One of the forms is the I-864W and I signed it as Jack's adoptive parent. Little did I know that Rob was supposed to sign it. So I will be overnighting the correct one on Tuesday. I emailed LSS about both issues but with the long weekend, know I won't hear from Sue until Tuesday. Obviously we are a little disappointed. We were really hoping to get our approval by the end of this week, get Jack's visa by the end of next week, and travel the next weekend. The part that makes me nervous is that our FBI fingerprints expire in October and since we anticipated we would be there before then, we didn't redo them. It takes several weeks so I'm not sure if we should send them in again or not. I know that we are still three weeks closer to Jack and that's what matters. We knew that the 24th would be tough to do but it was still possible. Now, I'm not so sure. I don't think either of these issues are big ones. Since LSS did our homestudy, I'm hoping they can just clear up the situation and be done with that one. And Rob signing the other document should clear up the second issue.

In other news, we sold our house! We are supposed to close on October 28. And we will be gone then. And our new house won't be ready until around April 1. And there are no rentals available in town. And everyone thinks I should be freaking out more than I am. And oddly enough I'm not. I'm sure there is something out there. I just have to find it. But I go back four years to when we moved in here. We had been looking and looking for a house to buy. We had also been waiting and waiting for our referral. And the day we were at the old house shampooing carpets, we got our call. So the timing was perfect. We finally had a home to bring home our baby. And I believe this is all in "The Plan" as well. We've been waiting since October for our house to sell. Now it has and our new house will be done in the spring. So while it might be a little inconvenient for a little while, it will be fine.

I am heading to New York later this week. The company we are doing a joint venture with has invited us to their "analyst day" on Thursday so a group of us are flying out on Wednesday and then coming home on Sunday. We are going to two shows on Broadway while we are there and seeing every touristy site we can in a few days. Unfortunately, Rob is going to be using all of his vacation for our trip to Colombia so he isn't able to go. Last year I went to Washington, DC and he wasn't able to go so he's very disappointed. Again. But I'm  still going without him! My sister-in-law and I have been trying to plan a time for Murphy to go stay with them all summer and we just haven't gotten it planned. So after dance on Thursday, Rob is going to take her to Aberdeen and she'll spend the weekend with them. They have horses and goats and dogs so she loves going there. She has to be back on Sunday for Rally Day at Sunday School. It's hard to believe it's that time already.

OK, that's all I know for now. Keep your fingers crossed that this doesn't put us behind schedule. Even though it was "my" schedule and I should know by now that I'm not the one in charge of my schedule!

Happy Labor Day!

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