Monday, August 27, 2007

I just had an "Oh No" moment

I was cleaning out my adoption folder today and realized that while Rob's fingerprints don't expire until October, the notary's commission expired August 8. So here we are with fingerprints that aren't any good! And last time it took me forever to get those prints back from the FBI. I just can't believe I didn't figure this out until now. I will be sending a letter tomorrow BEGGING the FBI to process his prints right away. I'm just SICK!!!!

In other news, my niece Katie got married on Saturday. It's hard to believe she's old enough to be married! I was going through the lunch line in 7th grade when mom called to tell me the girls were born. The kids used to stay with us every summer and I gave the girls 80's hair and blue eye shadow and scared them by driving with my knee and about killed them (well Kara at least) when she yelled "Does Grandma know you have a tatoo yet". Oh the memories.

Thursday was the grand opening of our plant. The day didn't start off well. I got up at 5:00 and it was raining. It turned into a really nice day, though. We had about 800 people tour the plant and the sun came out so we were really happy. I'm glad the week is over, though. I'm not used to working 12 hour days or getting up at 5:00! 6:00 is bad enough!

An LSS family from Brookings got their referral from Ayudame last week. Hopefully we'll be down there soon...if I can get these fingerprints straightened out! Why is it always the fingerprints we have trouble with!?!?!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another interesting tidbit...

Our social worker in Sioux Falls quit and so did the director of the adoption program. I don't know the scoop and at this point, I just don't care. As long as someone gets me that call...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We bought a house!

Two posts in one day? Could it be?!

We just got home from signing the purchase agreement and handing over some moolah. Finally, we can stop renting and get into something of our own. Something without carpet in the kitchen and more than one level of living area! Woo Hoo! It's an older home in town, priced very reasonable, and the current owners bought a house so they are moving out in two weeks. If we get a referral we'll just move it all in and leave it. At least it will be in there. Rob and the school superintendent went through and figured out what changes we'd need to make. Rob was concerned we wouldn't be able to 1) fit a queen sized bed up the stairs and 2) fit the second set of living room furniture in the basement for Rob's "man-room". But we think it will all work. The only problem is the enclosed shower on the main floor. I might have to shower with the door open. It's already freaking me out a little bit.

Although we've been looking for a house for over two years I really wasn't prepared. We haven't gone to the bank or anything yet. So I have some work to do in the next few days. Like I wasn't busy enough already. I would tell Rob to do it but I know his reply: "But you're better at it". Of course I am but he could practice and then maybe some day he'd be as good as me! :)

Inching closer!

LSS had referrals from Ayudame! That's another orphanage in Colombia. So that means they are really referring children to non-Colombian families! Could we actually hear something soon? The thought freaks me out a little. We're back to how we felt in April or so before things shut down. Which, to be honest, wasn't good. My anxiety and OCD were out of control and even Rob was acting a little like me. (He could only be so lucky!) So thankfully I am WAY too busy at work to dwell on it there. It's just when I come home. We have a board meeting Monday, our grand opening on the 23rd, and to top it all administrative assistant quit. She has a tribe of kids so it doesn't really pay to work. Yesterday wasn't too bad without her. Today was awful. I was trying to fill in some forms for the FedEx man and the phone kept ringing. I kept telling people "I'll call you back in five minutes". And the ringing wouldn't stop! So by the time I called them all back, it was time to go. How depressing is it that I would love to stay at work longer? And then I volunteered to sit at the booth at the Brown County Fair Wednesday and Thursday BEFORE I knew that Ashley was quitting. I'll either be ready for a drink or a nap when all of this is done!

Today is Bob's birthday so I'm really missing her. Billy is acting like a HUGE baby so I think he knows, too. Poor kitty.

Yesterday was my nephew's 23rd birthday and then my brother's is on the 20th. Happy Birthday to both of you! Love ya.

Well, I'm rambling. Just wanted to post about the referrals coming out of Colombia. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Back from the dead

I'm still here. Just nothing new to say. Until today! :)

I talked to the social worker today and she said that the representative in Colombia told her that the orphanages should hear from the ICBF tomorrow in regard to their questions. She warned me though that "tomorrow" in Colombia could be two weeks. She has also heard that another agency started to refer to non-Colombian families. With all of this information she "thinks" referrals will start coming in the next few weeks. She did say that we are on top of the LSS list so she doesn't think it will be long. I've already packed up everything and put it away so of course now would be the time!

We've been fairly busy. Rob started back to school last week. I don't think he was ready. But we had such a goofy summer. Waiting, not waiting, waiting... He's been in Sioux Falls for meetings this week and poor Billy is so lonely he doesn't know what to do. He'll sit with me for a while but I just don't cut it. Billy's 11th birthday was on Monday the 6th and Bob's would have been on the 14th. Hard to believe it's been that long. I think we're going to the lake this weekend. Last one before school starts.

Rob had guards last weekend that included a picnic and street dance. We actually got out in public and did something fun! Woo Hoo!

We did have an eventful day this week. I got home and could smell the grill. So I left the garage door open. Rob was already done grilling but I forgot to close the door. When I was leaving for work on Tuesday I noticed something red/orange was on the pickup. After closer inspection beer and tomato juice had been poured all over the pickup, in the gas tank, cigarette butts were in the windows and doors, and a garden hose had been tied to the bumper. With gas being so expensive, we wasted a half a tank siphoning it out and then filling in another $80. So there was $120 or so. Plus, Rob and his dad spent about four hours siphoning the gas, changing the filter and cleaning it up. The police came and looked at it and took pictures. THEN we realized that stuff was missing out of our garage. Hmmm...theft and vandalism. Nice. We're fairly certain we know who it was. It was pretty obvious but we can't prove it. But if we ever do.....................

That's been the excitement for the past ten days or so. That's about all I can handle. :)