Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We bought a house!

Two posts in one day? Could it be?!

We just got home from signing the purchase agreement and handing over some moolah. Finally, we can stop renting and get into something of our own. Something without carpet in the kitchen and more than one level of living area! Woo Hoo! It's an older home in town, priced very reasonable, and the current owners bought a house so they are moving out in two weeks. If we get a referral we'll just move it all in and leave it. At least it will be in there. Rob and the school superintendent went through and figured out what changes we'd need to make. Rob was concerned we wouldn't be able to 1) fit a queen sized bed up the stairs and 2) fit the second set of living room furniture in the basement for Rob's "man-room". But we think it will all work. The only problem is the enclosed shower on the main floor. I might have to shower with the door open. It's already freaking me out a little bit.

Although we've been looking for a house for over two years I really wasn't prepared. We haven't gone to the bank or anything yet. So I have some work to do in the next few days. Like I wasn't busy enough already. I would tell Rob to do it but I know his reply: "But you're better at it". Of course I am but he could practice and then maybe some day he'd be as good as me! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Dana!
WOW! What exciting news, both about the referrals and the new house. I know the waiting is difficult, but now you have a new house to keep you busy until you hear news from LSS. Lots of changes in store for the kitty in the near future...and for you, too!
Thinking of you,

Starfish said...

congrats on the house!

hang in there with the waiting - it will be worth it in the end. the wait is the worst part - once you are in colombia its a breeze and you'll be glad you chose that program!