Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Just got the call at 3:15...the judge signed this morning! We hope to be home late next week! Say a little prayer that everything happens smoothly and we can stay on that schedule! More later! (By the way, I've been working on a post for almost a week now. I PROMISE to get it on here before we leave!)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Vacation ended badly

Backpack stolen. Lost our computer, iPad, iPod, Kindle, prescription sunglasses, Rob's nice new sunglasses, Columbia coat, Murphy's Colombian passport, and seven months worth of pictures that I hadn't uploaded to Walmart. We are not happy campers. We know it could be much, much worse, but we are still not happy.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

More pictures of Santa Marta

Our doorman to our room. 

Murphy getting her hair braided. She doesn't sit this still for me! 

Jack's first experience waiting for girls to get ready. 

She loves them! 

She loves to shake her head and hear the beads rattle! 

And to top it off...Ramen! 

Hanging out in our little hut. 

We kind of love it here! Maybe House Hunters International can find us a winter home! 

Me and my Colombian beauties. 

Who is getting tan faster? 

We are wearing sunscreen, she isn't. We're pink, she's brown. 

Jack does have a little tan though. 

Hanging out at the pool. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We found Jack's baptismal outfit and something for Murphy to wear, too. Can't wait to see them in it!

Panaca and the Salt Cathedral

Getting him used to the car seat! 

Panaca...a petting zoo/animal show/small farm for kids. 

You could tell the goats knew what to do with a bottle! They all came running over and practically trampled each other to get to it! 

A baby goat and a baby lamb tucked into a tree stump waiting for their mamas. 

Riding the water buffalo. 

He is a bit bigger than Pam's horses or the llamas. 

It took her a while before she'd pet the cows. 

This looks familiar! 

The barn roof is made from hay. 

Pretty close to being really familiar! Brangus = Brahma + Angus. 

But he looks really familiar! 

This one, too! 

Gotta love the llamas. 

Can we fit her in my suitcase? Or my backyard? 

Before she picked him up and he attacked her. Don't get scared bunnies too close to your face! Just ask Murphy! 

She still wanted to pet one, so Mama had to step in a whole bunch of rabbit poop to help out. 

And look what I found! Not enough to make much ethanol. 

The horse show was fantastic! 

Rob kept commenting on their core strength! 

And how much the practiced. 

We think Caitlin can do this. 

And Pam. 

And Tracie. 

This guy was so talented. 

We finally found a real horse for her! 

But the pony had to do when it came to a ride. 

Look! It's Juan Valdez! 

Happy boy after all that fresh air! 

On the way to the Salt Cathedral. 

All that fresh air wore him out, too. 

He's not the only one. 

The town square. 

Another view of the town square. 

I had to keep telling myself how neat this was going to be. 

Because we were going in a mine. 

A salt mine. 

And I'm not even the claustrophobic one. 

But it was beautiful. 

And very interesting. 

And included the twelve stations of the cross. 
Jesus is condemned to death. 

Jesus carries the cross. 

Jesus falls for the first time. 

Jesus meets His holy mother. 

It is so enormous. I had to keep telling myself "You are not underground". 

Love this picture. 

She is fascinated by the cross. 

Jesus is helped by Simon to carry His cross. 

Veronica wipes the face of Jesus. 

The details were amazing. 

Jesus falls for the second time. 

Jesus meets the daughters of Jerusalem. 

Jesus falls for the third time. 

Jesus is stripped of His garments. 

Everything is so very big and the pictures don't do justice to the actual size of the crosses or the mine itself. 

One of my favorite pictures. My heart swells with joy to know that my daughter is a child of God and that she knows Jesus and that He died for her sins. 

Jesus is crucified. 

Jesus dies on the cross. 

Jesus is taken down from the cross. 

Jesus is laid in the tomb. 


Proclaiming the birth of Jesus.

The Angel Gabriel. 

We finally made it to the Cathedral. 

The nativity scene. 

The baptismal fountain. 

The altar. 

The only picture of Jesus actually on the cross. 

She was such a trooper and finally got to see Him on the cross. (She has a little obsession with it. Partly due to her love of the song "How Beautiful" and the You Tube video that includes scenes from "The Passion of the Christ".)

The cross in front of the altar. 

The creation of man. 

If you look closely, this is a reflection from the ceiling off of the water. It looks like a mirror. 

The Tree of Life. 

The fantastic light show. 

Jack was enthralled by the lights! 

Not a very good picture, but welcome back to Bogota! 

I will update about the trip later.