Thursday, October 20, 2011

More pictures of Santa Marta

Our doorman to our room. 

Murphy getting her hair braided. She doesn't sit this still for me! 

Jack's first experience waiting for girls to get ready. 

She loves them! 

She loves to shake her head and hear the beads rattle! 

And to top it off...Ramen! 

Hanging out in our little hut. 

We kind of love it here! Maybe House Hunters International can find us a winter home! 

Me and my Colombian beauties. 

Who is getting tan faster? 

We are wearing sunscreen, she isn't. We're pink, she's brown. 

Jack does have a little tan though. 

Hanging out at the pool. 

1 comment:

Luz said...

So adorable the children, Murphy and Jack;! :) very lovely pictures and nice wievs! Like paradise..
Greetings from Sweden,!