Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September pictures

She got pretty far in and couldn't get herself back out.

This is what happens when Riley is left alone to entertain herself.

Carrying her new purse and kitty.

This was pretty funny...she was carrying my work keys around her neck. She also loves to play with fake necklaces (anything that she can wear around her neck.) She got them caught together and handcuffed herself behind her back.

Yes, I am that mother that takes a picture before she tells her child to get out of the box.

Murphy and Riley playing in the Hoosier cupboard in the front entry.

We have no idea what she's doing. Maybe she's going to be a bronc rider.

She loves to sweep.

The back of the skirt.

The front of the shirt.

Christy and Rob (#2, Jayne, Tinklebell) at the Charger/Bronco game. (The infamous Ed Hochuli game)

It's shocking that we only had two obnoxious fans bothering us after seeing who we were sitting with.

At the Rockies game with Christy.

Coors Field

She loves to kiss the baby in the mirror.

Everybody wants to sit with Daddy and cheer for the Chargers!

Murphy riding the school bus.

She did look like a girl earlier in the day. Notice the green socks that matched her outfit at church.

Monday, September 01, 2008

August pictures

Grandma Karen's protege. Murphy loves licorice. Lucky for her that her Uncle Wayne gave her some because her Mommy won't.

Looking stylish on my four wheeler with my beads around my neck, licorice on my face, holding my toothbrush and shampoo.

The cyclops on Murphy's head after being stung by an unknown assailant.

Murphy and Haley at her first football game.

Grandma and Murphy playing with wrapping paper. She didn't want Grandma to wear the hat but she really didn't want to wear it herself.

Murphy's first pony ride at the fair!

She loves to play in the sheers.

Riley loves to play in anything she can chew.

Murphy loves to play with Daddy and Riley loves to play with Murphy.

Mommy got a new dishwasher and Murphy and Riley got a new box.

Don't touch my blanket!

Murphy loves to play the piano and Landon loves to get out of lessons.

Keely, Maria, Murphy, and Kalla.

Mommy, you're taking too long in the dressing room.

Three of the world's best babysitters!

I love corn!

Pickles, too.

Did I mention watermelon?

Murphy does not like being kept out of places.

See what I mean?

The dreaded flamingos. Although they did keep Murphy entertained for a day.