Saturday, October 22, 2011

Vacation ended badly

Backpack stolen. Lost our computer, iPad, iPod, Kindle, prescription sunglasses, Rob's nice new sunglasses, Columbia coat, Murphy's Colombian passport, and seven months worth of pictures that I hadn't uploaded to Walmart. We are not happy campers. We know it could be much, much worse, but we are still not happy.


Grandma Lewis said...

OH NO!!!!!! That is terrible! Any chance at all to recover it? Did you also lose your camera? Hope who ever got all of that is happy! So sorry to hear that.

Pam said...

That's awful! I wish there was something I could do to help. Is it a lot of paperwork to get Murphy a duplicate passport? So do you have another laptop with you or are you having to borrow from a friend?

Anonymous said...

Where was your backpack?

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking of you guys so much. I am so sorry this happened to you. Totally sucks. I'd love to know what happened. Ugh. Hope the rest of the trip goes better. PS. I ran into Luann at Target and let her know. She says she has only heard of this happening one other time! Lucky you. Ugh, I am so sorry.


Luz said...

Dear Dana and Rob, Murphy and Jack,
I hope everything will work out for you in the best way posible. I'm sad to hear that you've been robbed during your vacation,that's too bad =(. But as you say: It could be much worse.. and still it's very sad..I really hope it will work out well for you and that passportes and other items can be replaced somehow. Although they were/are expensive..:(
Take good care and apart from this dreadful experience I hope you all had a pleasant,relaxing time in Santa Marta. And that the remaining days in Bogotá will be nice too, not to hard or boring. I liked the hotel a lot, and the staf was very good,the people very nice. You are nice people too and I will always remeber the good days over there in Colombia.
Take good care and God's blessing.
Best regards to you, louise
from Sweden, Kungälv