Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Inching closer!

LSS had referrals from Ayudame! That's another orphanage in Colombia. So that means they are really referring children to non-Colombian families! Could we actually hear something soon? The thought freaks me out a little. We're back to how we felt in April or so before things shut down. Which, to be honest, wasn't good. My anxiety and OCD were out of control and even Rob was acting a little like me. (He could only be so lucky!) So thankfully I am WAY too busy at work to dwell on it there. It's just when I come home. We have a board meeting Monday, our grand opening on the 23rd, and to top it all off...my administrative assistant quit. She has a tribe of kids so it doesn't really pay to work. Yesterday wasn't too bad without her. Today was awful. I was trying to fill in some forms for the FedEx man and the phone kept ringing. I kept telling people "I'll call you back in five minutes". And the ringing wouldn't stop! So by the time I called them all back, it was time to go. How depressing is it that I would love to stay at work longer? And then I volunteered to sit at the booth at the Brown County Fair Wednesday and Thursday BEFORE I knew that Ashley was quitting. I'll either be ready for a drink or a nap when all of this is done!

Today is Bob's birthday so I'm really missing her. Billy is acting like a HUGE baby so I think he knows, too. Poor kitty.

Yesterday was my nephew's 23rd birthday and then my brother's is on the 20th. Happy Birthday to both of you! Love ya.

Well, I'm rambling. Just wanted to post about the referrals coming out of Colombia. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

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