Monday, August 15, 2011


One more piece of the puzzle is done! I sent our I-800 off today. It really wasn't very hard...just had a few questions for LSS and I was able to send it off. And now we wait for about three weeks until that is approved. Those three weeks will go by so very fast. Rob starts school next week. He's gone to school almost every day this summer but in shorts and a t-shirt. It's back to suits and ties now. Love the fact that I get to wear jeans every day! :) He said he registered quite a few new students yesterday and today so his days have been pretty busy. He's been at school every night this week, too and I've let Murph fall asleep with me then he takes her upstairs when he gets home. You'd think I'd have some room in a king sized bed. I have even less room when Murphy sleeps with me than when Rob does! Letting the dog stay up late doesn't help, either. Anyway, I know these next few weeks will go by quickly.

We put up the crib on Saturday. This also meant taking down the bed that was upstairs. Murphy was a little put out by this. As she clenched her teeth she said to me "What exactly are you doing with Grandma and Grandpa's bed?" She did need a little extra attention that day. So we are trying to not shove the baby down her throat and ease her into this. The crib is now piled with stuff; clothes, bottles, blankets, onesies, wipes, bibs, socks...everything we'll need to take with us for Jack. Well, not everything. The crib will be overflowing by then. But I think I have all the clothes we will need. Hopefully he will be like Murphy and never spit up or have nasty diapers that spill out in every direction. We learned quickly that the outfit we put on her in the morning would be the outfit that stayed on her all day. Even if Pisingos did tell us she had reflux! I'm still waiting to wash the outfits just in case he's grown more than I anticipate. I bought 3-6 month clothes so we'll see if they fit. I've been buying diapers when they were on sale so I have boxes and boxes stashed in the room, too.

Murphy starts dance on Thursday, back to daycare next week, and then preschool later on in the week. Getting up at 6:15 will be a huge change for her. She's gotten used to sleeping in until 8:30 or so. We've had two great babysitters this summer and we've loved all of the time Maggie and Megan have spent with Murphy the past few months. We love Carol, too, and will be happy to get back into a routine. As much as I dread summer coming to an end, it is nice to get back to normal life. As normal as our life is, I guess!


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ang and heath said...

So excited for you guys! We can't wait to follow your journey back to Bogota and to Los Pisingos. Hopefully everything continues to go smoothly and you are traveling soon. Jack is a cutie! :)