Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Back on track!

In typical Dana fashion, I stressed out for a couple of days and now it's taken care of and I feel so much better! :) Well, I hope it's resolved!

I spoke with the USCIS specialist this morning and she said that she hadn't run into the issue of me not being able to sign but that maybe our particular USCIS agent required it. So Rob signed the form and I FedEx'ed that to Missouri. She also said that she needed to send a letter to them explaining that LSS of SD is affiliated with LSS of MN. So she FedEx'ed that to Missouri as well. She said that from past experiences, she thinks they are close to approving it and she would check back with them later this week to see if we had it rather than waiting until we get the official letter. If that's the case, we have the next step ready to go. The DS-230 is the visa application that will be sent to the US Embassy in Bogota. It's filled out and scanned and ready to be emailed. Then we wait again until they approve that one. And then we get a travel date! Although we still won't be quite ready to go at that point. We still will have to go to Chicago to get our visas so we are back on track for the 24th.

IF.....our FBI prints don't expire on October 14. So we really would like a travel date of September 24 to get a presentation date of September 26 to get a court date before October 10. That still gives us a few days leeway but we'd really like to spend a Market Day with just Murphy. So just in case they expire, we went to the sheriff's office right away this morning and had them done. They were sent off to the FBI today too, and since we plan to be gone soon, we'll have the results sent to LSS. She did say that it's taking longer again. So we'll just hope for a presentation day before September 30!

I'm starting to get butterflies! We're so close! In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy my trip to New York this week! After our work is over, we're going from one extreme to another...Wicked to Rock of Ages. And since I'm an 80's rock band fanatic and still can't get past the days of "big hair" I'm really excited about Rock of Ages! Maybe I'll even take my blue eye shadow! :)

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