Saturday, October 27, 2007

We have pink eye!

Our first illness. At least we can handle this one. She was really cranky yesterday and was awake for an hour and half for her bottle last night. (She's been doing it in an hour but she cried more last night.) She awoke this morning with a crusty eye and it was red and swollen. We asked the front desk if they would call the doctor and when she arrived she said that Murphy has pink eye. She prescribed drops (which Murphy loves-NOT!) some cream to put in tonight (I'm sure that will be pleasant) and some saline for her snotty nose. I'm sure that will go over well, too. She isn't as congested today as she has been. I sat in the bathroom with her last night with the shower on hot and that seemed to help. The doctor also told us that Murphy was supposed to have had her four month shots on Thursday. Why wouldn't they have told us that on Tuesday or just given them to her themselves. But like Rob said, they would have had to pay for it rather than us. The doctor cost us $50 today and the medicine today and Tuesday (for reflux and iron) was about $50 total. The doctor will be back on Wednesday to see someone else but she wants to do the shots after we're done with this medicine. Rob says that his eyes itch now but I'm sure he's fine.

We were going to go back to Pepe Ganga again today and buy an activity mat but by the time we found out the doctor was coming it was 2:00 and we didn't want to leave and not be back by 4:00. They were closed at 5:00 so we'll have to go tomorrow.

We've been working on Murphy's neck muscles...pulling her into a sitting position, laying her on her stomach, sitting her up propped in pillows...she's seems to enjoy it. For a while at least. Her attention span is about the same as her dad's.

We're going to try to hit Jacques tomorrow, Karen. You've got me craving chocolate! There is also another store...Artisan I think...that we're going to try to hit. Although it is Sunday tomorrow and Rob will be glued to the football channels tomorrow afternoon. Murphy will wear her Chargers jersey.

Neither of us is still feeling great. We've been using tap water to brush our teeth and we've decided not to do that anymore. We didn't get out at all today and that was one thing we wanted to do every day. I think it will help us feel less cramped and get us some exercise.

One of the other girls that left this week had posted on her blog that she was tired of not being able to throw toilet paper in the toilet and I thought "How horrific!". And now that I'm having to throw tp in the garbage, it still doesn't thrill me. So the next time you throw your tp in the toilet, think about just how lucky you are! :) And brush your teeth in the sink without using distilled water. I remember when I went to school in Germany I drank the tap water and my roommates said I would die if I drank the water. To prove their point, they fed a plant tap water and it died. I started boiling my water after that. I won't even try it here.

The temperature has been about 65 each day (and is expected for the next ten days) but it feels warmer. Rob and I guessed it was about 75 yesterday. It's beautiful in the morning and then rains in the afternoon. There is a 60% chance of rain every day until November 5. By the time we get ready and are ready for an adventure it's usually the afternoon and that's when it starts thundering.

OK, I better go. It's 6:30 (I don't know why it says I post at a different time) and it's just about time for supper. Rob had fried something today (chicken maybe? Something with a big leg.) and I had cheese and tomatoes. It was probably my least favorite meal since we've been here. We're still chowing down the fruit snacks we brought for the kids in the mother's home. We better get rid of them soon or they'll be all gone.

Have a great night!!

She's still a happy baby...especially when she isn't wearing pants.

She likes her bath!

The nurse that recognized her at Pisingos.

Los Pisingos

Rob and Murphy relaxing

Murphy holding a bottle (she dropped it as soon as I took the picture but it made for a good picture!)


Denita said...

Wow Dana and Rob! Welcome to parenting -- holy buckets! When you get home, life is going to be a breeze! Everytime I drop toilet paper in the toilet I will surely think of you guys!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pictures. I thought her eye looked a little puffy in the last set of pictures sent. I think she gets more beautiful every day!!! Rob, if it was that big of a leg, maybe it "wasn't" chicken.
Give Murphy a kiss for me and tell her that I love her.
Love to you all.
Grandma Lewis.

Erin said...

WOW! Murphy is soooo beautiful. You guys totally hit the baby jackpot. I mean, she's so darn cute.

Well, I definitely envy the fact that you are so close to Jaques. That is some amazing, cheap food. Yummy, yummy.

If you hit Pomona, you'll find that they have a similiar Colombian version. They boys ate a lot of them when we were there.

I'll try to give you guys a buzz when I'm in the same time zone. In India now. I'll be back Monday.

Anonymous said...

Hello -
All I can say is wash, wash, wash your hands, pink eye is not fun. A cold wash cloth always feels good on the eye and will take some of the puffy out, and they like to suck on them too if they are teething. I quess you will want to use your bottled water for that it sounds like. Jason said just to be happy that he is not tagging along, you know with the whole toilet paper not being able to be fluhed issue. Tell Murphy hi from all of us and take care.
Jamie and the rest of the J's

Karyl said...

If Rob says his eye itches, it might! Jake got pink eye a couple of times at that age and guess did we! We didn't like the medicine in our eyes either, so I know why Murphy doesn't! Can't wait till you get home!! XXXO Auntie Karyl

sara said...

Hi Dana, Rob and Murphy! We've been following along on your journey -- finally figured out how to post on your blog!? :{ Thanks for checking in on us, too. All is happening for a reason, right? Enjoy these days! Sara, Eric & Nils

hippiescrapper said...

Hi! I'm anxiously waiting for your next post!! Just showed Kalla all the pictures!
She said, "I love Rob!" I think she's jealous! Keep us updated!

Starfish said...

Sorry about the pink eye - that can't be fun. Glad you're getting out more, those small hotel rooms can be stifling. As for the water, we didn't have any issues - we brushed teeth, washed and even drank it and we were fine. We were more affected by the air quality which made us feel a little woozy and naseous sometimes, but it passes after about a week.

Have you eaten awesome empanadas yet?