Friday, October 26, 2007

Today was a busy day.

We got up this morning and I didn't feel very good. At the time I thought it was the flu, but now we're thinking I'm dehydrated. I'm nauseated, I have a headache, and my body hurts. I didn't go down for breakfast but Rob brought me a piece of toast. I talked to my mom and dad this morning. They've been combining so I haven't gotten a hold of them before today. We had to get ready quick because the attorney was supposed to be here between 9-9:30. We didn't want to be late so we waited and waited and she showed up a little before 10:00. She gave us the papers we need to take to the Defendor of Minors. We were also supposed to be ready for a driver at 10:30 to take us to Pisingos and speak with Murphy's caregivers. He was actually early. I wasn't feeling good and probably shouldn't have gone but I did and I thought I was going to be sick the whole ride over. Let me tell you...these drivers (even the 85 year old one we had today) drive like maniacs. And they don't use air conditioning. I had Murphy strapped to the front of me and had to keep rolling down the window to get some air. And then we'd stop and the street vendors would start walking toward us. So I'd roll up the window. They would walk away and I'd roll it back down. Plus, Murphy likes it when the car "goes". Stopping...not as much so. Once we got to Pisingos they took us into the same room they presented her to us, along with two other couples, a man (I don't know his story) and then another guy who worked for an agency. We watched a video about Los Pisingos and the care that the kids get. And then the orphanage's doctor, Vanessa something, came in (Rob says she was hot) and talked to us about massages and other medical stuff. She asked if we had any individual questions about our child and I asked her about Murphy's spina bifida and how they knew. We couldn't see anything wrong but obviously we have no idea what we're looking for. She showed us the hole on Murphy's back. It's just inside her butt crack and is about the size of the tip of a pen. She said that had hair been growing out of that hole she would have had a much more serious case of spina bifida. One of the other couples that was there had a daughter that was about five years old and they said she had the same thing. They had never gone in and closed that hole but the doctor said we could do that when she's about a year old. She said we should be sure that nothing leaks out of that hole. It about made me cry thinking of my child being sick. The protectiveness is kicking in already. As we were leaving we were told to ask at the front desk when we could come back and tour the orphanage. They said November 1 at 10:00. While we were standing there a nurse came up to Rob and Murphy and said "Maria Jose!". She seemed so happy to see her. That was a special moment for us. She was loved before we got here and it was very evident watching this nurse.

As we left, the driver, Anival, told us that we had to go to the notary. Cecelia told us we weren't going until Monday. So we had to come back to the motel and get the papers that the attorney had given us. So I got back to the car and he wanted our passports. So I rang the bell and they let me back in (it's gated with razor wire up on the top) and as I was getting our passports Rob came in and said Anival wanted all the paperwork from Pisingos. I forgot to mention that we are supposed to carry a paper from Pisingos that says we basically haven't kidnapped Murphy. Anyway, we got back in the car and headed to the notary. We got there at 1:00 and they were closed for dinner. I'm still not feeling well so I had the window down and the wind blowing in my face. That's quite unusual for me. The only other time I can remember doing that was when Rhonda and I would have our orthodontist appointment at 8:00 and he'd squash our hair so we'd ride back to Hecla with the window down to help fix our hair (this was the 80's you know and lots of hairspray was involved). So anyway, since the notary was closed we went across the street to copy our passports and then walked back to the notary. By this time the line was quite long. PLUS we had to pay for public parking spot. There was a lady with something blocking the spot and Anival had to honk the horn to make her move it. Then we had to pay her. Seemed odd to me. So while Rob and Anival waited in line I stood off to the side (or sat when I could). We finally got to the front and we had to sign and fingerprint, sign and fingerprint. We paid and Anival said the papers wouldn't be ready for an hour. So he took us back to the motel and said he'd bring the papers to us later. We came upstairs and I laid down. Rob was on duty for the rest of the day (actually most of the day) and he was broken in early. I don't know if she's getting a tooth or what but that's our guess. Plus they had her on iron drops so she hadn't gone to the bathroom since Wednesday. She finally pooped today and it was a nasty one. We've decided to hold off on the iron. The doctor said she really only needs them until about three or four months. So between the constipation and possible teething she was C.R.A.N.K.Y! And I'm not feeling well so Rob didn't have a good afternoon. He now thinks that I won't be able to handle this on my own when he comes home. I think I'll be fine. He finally took her downstairs in the carseat and she cried and then laughed then cried and finally fell asleep. Rob wants me to say that he exhausted all possibilities of what to do to make her happy (or sleep). It's been two hours since then and she's still sleeping (and it's 8:22). Rob said he's half tempted to wake her up and I told him not to go there. I still didn't feel good so he went downstairs for supper and brought me toast, a salad, tea, and now some bananas. He wants me to say that he's a wonderful husband (and he is!). He ate lasagna without tomato sauce. We didn't eat dinner because we were out so we ate a couple of fruit snacks that we brought for the kids at the mother's home. I think we might run out before we get there.

I took some pictures today but I'm going to post them tomorrow. That would require energy that I just don't have.

Have a great night!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all had a busy and exhausting day. Hope tomorrow is better. We mailed your package today so if Murphy is getting teeth, hope you get your package soon because there is Anbosol in it for her. Hope everyone sleeps well tonight! Every sleepless and cranky moment is worth it. They grow up so fast. Can't wait to see the new pictures! We love you all very much!
Love Grandma and Grandpa Lewis.

Karen said...

Try to drink lots of water each day; maybe it's the altitude that is getting to you. You WILL be able to take care of Murphy by yourself when Rob returns. The staff at the Hotel Z I am sure will watch out for you and help you out when you need it. Enjoy the city while Rob is there, try to get out and see the Salt Cathedral, Montserate, etc. Carmen is a great tour guide. I tagged along on a coffee plantation tour with her and she is so kind and such a wonderful ambassador for her country.