Monday, October 29, 2007

We're still here and we're fine!

I know I didn't blog yesterday. Sorry about that. It was a pretty uneventful day. Rob was still sick, Murphy still had pink eye. She wore her Charger jersey and helped San Diego win!

(She's showing her muscles, too!)

It rained all day so we didn't even leave the motel.

Is this a proud daddy or what?

And one more just because she's so cute...

She fell asleep early (around 6:00 or so) so we woke her up for a bath and bottle. It didn't help because she was awake twice last night. She must be going through a little growth spurt because I bumped up her formula to six ounces instead of five. She's been snarfing down five and wanting more. The orphanage told us she was drinking six ounces every four hours. I don't believe that for a second because up until yesterday she hadn't finished six ounces yet. She's an early riser which will help when we get home as Rob and I are both out the door before 7:00.

Today was a really busy day. This morning I took her to breakfast and Rob slept for a while. When we came back up, she took a small nap and we got ready. Cecelia came here and got our paperwork for the lawyer. She also brought dresses that were made by mother's whose children are in the hospital. I bought two:

After Cecelia left we talked to the Willrett's for a while, who are here adopting their third child...a boy, and biological sibling to their second daughter. Then we headed off to the grocery store. We got some peanut butter, jelly, bread, crackers & 7UP for Rob, some chips, formula, soap, and a SNICKERS! :) We've held off since Rob isn't feeling good and we'll eat it later.

Murphy loved the walk. I think she slept more over the weekend because we were cramped in this little room all weekend. Today she was wide awake most of the day. We ate dinner and Rob came up to sleep while Murphy and I went for a tour of the area with Carmen, Patty & Sam, and a couple from Germany adopting three year old twins. She took us by Poblanos, a Mexican restaurant that she said is good, and Jacques, which she said is great. We haven't been there yet but at least I know where they are. It was really cloudy and almost cold and yet Murphy got a little color. Her cheeks are red. She stayed awake until about a block from the motel. If I didn't mention it already, we are staying at Zuetana. You can look it up on the Internet if you're interested. Anyway, Rob still wasn't feeling great. I left Murphy with him and went to the bank. Yeah...funny story about money...we thought we were going to be smart and bring more cash with us and take it to the bank to convert. The reason being is that we're charged $5 per transaction on my instant cash card. So we get here and find out that the exchange rate for actual US dollars is about $10 per $100 worse. Not so smart now, are we? Just as I got back, there was a welcoming party for the German couple I mentioned above, a family from Kansas City who has two boys and adopted two more and a girl, and the Willrett's. There was even a Colombian band that played and we wore poncho things and ate cake and drank pop. Murphy didn't even cry when the band started up. I thought it would scare her but it didn't. She hadn't slept much today with all of our outings, so I figured she'd be pretty tired. I tried to take her to supper but she was crabby so I brought her back up with Rob. I did two loads of laundry and am now going to bed.

Oh, I forgot, the motel has activity mats and bouncy seats available to use but no one had told me. Murphy has a new favorite:

There isn't a battery so it's a manual bouncy seat but she knows how to make it work!

Well, it's time for bed. We have a trip planned for tomorrow so I won't post right away then either. Murphy's asleep in her car seat, Rob's watching the Packers/Broncos game, and I can hardly keep my eyes open. So have a great night!!


Starfish said...

Having a crazy sweet tooth, I went to the supermarkets and bought all kinds of Colombian candy and chocolate to try. It was fun trying new stuff and it was a welcome souvenier to the folks back home, especially the kids! And bring home a jar of Arequipe (caramel sauce) - YUM!!

cara said...

I love the picture of Murphy on her tummy--too cute. I've got a couple of ???? for you.
Can I still email you at your work email or do I need a different one?
Can you ask around about the availablility of toddler girls? Sisters under 5 perferable and if it is possible how long etc?

It sounds like your enjoying Columbia so far, I hope Rob is feeling better today.

Karyl said...

Tell Rob that I will pick her up a really cute Vikings outfit for just seems cruel to make her wear that Chargers jersey. :) Miss you all a bunch!