Tuesday, October 16, 2007

One Week!

Yesterday was an exciting day! We heard from LSS that we could leave on the 22nd. That's only a week away! So I took a long lunch and completed our visa packet and sent that via FedEx. Let's just hope I did it right. Our plane leaves out of MSP on Monday morning so we'll go on Sunday afternoon. When I got home last night I packed some stuff in the travel bags we bought...the kind where you suck the air out of them and make them really flat. I put in quite a bit of stuff and it filled a half a suitcase. We need to make a trip to Aberdeen to buy the rest of our stuff...I need more bottles and liners, a pack of diapers, some more clothes...So much to do!! I'm really pretty freaked out. There is so much to remember. I need to find the Lorie Line tickets and give them to my parents. That wouldn't be good if I had the tickets and I was 3000 miles away! I slept well until about 5:00. Then my mind started racing. After all the waiting and waiting, now it's rush, rush, rush!!!

At this time next week, we'll be getting ready to see our girl!

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cara said...

I can't believe your finally going to get her. You had better post lots of pictures and lots of posts, I'll be checking everyday.