Sunday, October 14, 2007

She's ready for the Superbowl!

I know you're all jealous.

I went to SF this weekend with my mom and my aunts. We shopped and ate and played games. I found some more clothes, some gifts for the Colombians who will be helping us, and also some baby bedding. Oh, and a digital camcorder. I've been saving every check we've gotten so that I'd have money ready to go. I didn't want to buy it too early because I knew we wouldn't use it.

My mom had the blood test done to check for the breast cancer gene. The poor geneticist probably thinks we need to have more than our blood tested. So now we wait three to four weeks for the results. If they come back positive, it doesn't mean that Mom's siblings will test positive, nor does it mean that all (or any) of her kids will. If David tests negative, his kids won't be carriers either. Not that I want any of us to test positive, but my broken girly parts are doing me no good. Take them and get rid of them before I get sick. I don't need them. If I (or any other woman) tests positive for the breast cancer gene, the chance I would get ovarian cancer is 80%. So like I said, take them. I don't need nor want them. We did have our picture taken with this poor man. I'm not sure why. That's my mom's doing.

I did get the actual translated version and the doctor said she looks very healthy other than the lack of fusion in her vertebrae. So we'll figure out what to do with that when we get her home.

We are getting ready to leave. I haven't heard back from LSS so we haven't made reservations yet. I actually haven't heard from them since Wednesday so I'm really antsy. We're trying to think of all these things we need to think of before we leave. We still have to go through the garage. But the house is clean, there aren't boxes sitting around, the sheets are in the crib (which Rob put together today!). My sister is law is going to paint the baby's room while we're gone. She'll need quite a bit of primer to get rid of that PINK.

Oh, I forgot. I bought a shower head so now we can actually have a decent shower. I couldn't get enough water out of the old shower head to wet my washcloth. Now that's pretty bad. PLUS, last week I had to break down and turn on the heat. It got down to the low 30's and I just couldn't make good on my yearly plan to hold out until November 1. I haven't made it yet. Next year. I can feel it. So we tried to turn on the heat on Wednesday night. When it doesn't turn on, is that a sign you're supposed to hold out until November 1? Rob's dad came over and they still coudn't figure it out. Thursday I called the heating guys. In the meantime, I felt really giddy and light headed at work. I thought I'd had too much coffee and that the excitement was getting to me. No, that was actually the gas that was leaking in our house. I came home quick for dinner on Thursday and could smell gas really bad. So I walked very quietly into the house (walking fast activates the gas you know) and got the mail and got out of dodge. I didn't even turn on my cell phone just in case it created a spark and the whole house blew up. The heating guy got the furnace fixed and now we have heat. I'm still a little giddy but at least now I have a good reason. And I'm warm.

Well, it's after 9:00 and I'm really tired. I'm not ready to go to work tomorrow but I don't know that I am on most Monday mornings. Have a great week! Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have plane reservations!

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cara said...

I am so excited for you guys! What color is the nursery going to be?
Our heat didn't work correctly either when we turned it on.
Just make sure you turn it down to 50 when you go to Columbia, then you can save $ on your bill. In Ukraine their heat is from the government and they don't turn it on until oct. 15 we froze.