Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The visa is on its way!

The consulate sent it FedEx today. So I must have done something right.

I'm still pretty overwhelmed. I feel like I did when I was in college. Especially after I graduated the first time and went back. I could stare at those books for hours without actually opening them. I spent about an hour upstairs just looking at the suitcases. I have packing lists, but I just don't know what to take! It will help after we go to Aberdeen and get a few more things.

The days are getting long, though. Once 5:00 a.m. hits, I can't sleep. I was at work by 6:30 this morning. And I've been working until 6:00 or so. So I'm pretty tired but I just can't sleep. Hopefully tonight is a good night!


Anonymous said...

Rob and Dana-

I am so excited for you. I cannot wait to meet Murphy.

Kris Rittel

Karen said...

This is such an exciting time. Don't worry about packing everything. You can buy anything you forgot or don't have room for in Bogota. My advice would be to travel light and save room to bring back some souveniers. Can't wait for you to get there and hold her in your arms.
Lots of love,

Starfish said...

Definitely pack light! There are 40 thousand malls in Bogota and everything you could want is there. Baby stuff too - don't over pack!!