Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Rain rain go away...

We had an interesting weekend. Rob had guards on Friday and Saturday and then we went to the prom banquet at 6:00 on Saturday. We had some rain so I knew the weather wasn't very good. But when you're in a gym you can't see what's going on outside. In the middle of the banquet the tornado warnings went off. So we all went inside the locker rooms and waited. We finally got out of there and finished the banquet. Before the grand march even started the fire whistle went off. Rob took my keys and went to the fire. While they were checking things out (no fire...just smoke) it started pouring. Really bad. When he left the fire to come back to the gym the water was coming over the hood of my car it was so deep. So my car quit and he had to push it two blocks to the gas station. In the rain while the deep water ran in my car. After he dropped off my car he started walking and got about a block from the school when the fire whistle went off again. Someone picked him up this time. By the time he got back to the prom the grand march was over. He was totally wet, too. So he went home and changed and said the cat was freaking out. I went home and found water in the basement. Which of course is where we've stored all of our boxes. Empty and full. We were lucky though because other people had sewers back up in their basements. We just had water. All in all we had about nine inches of rain, a few tornados were spotted, and three fire calls. Sunday after guards Rob, his dad, and a friend of Allan's pushed my car to the shop the friend owns. It wasn't good news. There is a hole in my engine. So we're now working with the insurance company to get my car fixed. While he was looking at my car, the guards called to reactivate them to bag sand. Needless to say Rob really didn't have a pleasant weekend.

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