Saturday, May 12, 2007

No news is not always good news

I know all of you are waiting for the day when my post tells you we've received good news. I wish I could say I had that news. I don't. I wish I could say we're waiting patiently. But we aren't. The more time passes, the more stressed I get. My anxiety level is through the roof and I'm edgy, nervous, ready to burst into tears at all times, and just not really in a very good mood. And then I start thinking "If I could just run across the street and hang out and drink coffee" or "It's nice out...wish I could go for a walk to the church and back" or "If I could just go shopping with someone who buys ten pair of black pants and returns all of them" I'd feel better. Love you guys.

So until we get "the call" I don't know how much I'll have to say. Be patient with me. I know you don't want to listen to my pity party so I think my posts will be sparse for a while.

We did find out the insurance company is classifying my car as "totaled". So now we're using one vehicle. We only had one day this week that we had a conflict but Rob just drove me to work and someone else brought me back to town. I tried riding my bike to work one day last summer. I thought I was gonna die so I'll never do that again.

On this very special weekend, Happy Mother's Day Mom, Sandy, Grandma, Georgia and all the other mom's in my life. I did get a very nice card today. It was a Mother's Day card for the Mom-To-Be. :) And the tears that came to my eyes were happy ones.

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cara said...

Dana-I am praying for patience for you and for a quick referral (Hopefully those two prayers don't cancell each other out). I know how horrible the waiting can be. Try doing one thing each day that has to be done before you travel-it may help. Then maybe you won't have to rush so much when the time comes.
So do you get a new car now? Cara