Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm truly carless now.

I said goodbye to my car tonight. It was actually kind of sad. I got it in 2003 when Rob left for active duty and I've basically lived in it ever since! Does anybody else get as attached to their cars as I do? After we traded my car off when we got married and got an Explorer, I saw someone driving it down 6th Avenue in Aberdeen one day. I about had an accident as I whipped my head around to check it out. For as attached as I get, I don't name them, though. So I was a little emotional as I cleaned it out tonight. The insurance company is coming to get it tomorrow. There is still water soaked in it and it smells pretty awful. I haven't really had good luck with my last two cars. Obviously this one hasn't turned out too well. The last one I ended up sticking some money into it as well when what I thought was a squirrel but actually was a rabbit kept chewing apart the wires that connected something to something else. TWICE! And then my transmission went out. And I got a new car. I'm seriously going to try to hold out for as long as I can on one vehicle. But sticking $70 in gas into Rob's pickup is a killer! This makes me sound really old but I remember back in 1991 as a freshman in college, a gas station in Vermillion had gas for $.88. It was right before Christmas and cars were lined up down the street. That was a huge price break from the $.99 it usually was. And today it's $3.19! Ugh....

Well, nothing else new to say. I'm having problems with my email so if you've emailed me recently and I haven't responded, I've received it (probably). I just can't respond to some domains. If you emailed me a long time ago and I still haven't responded, I will. I promise. I even emailed myself a list of names to email so I don't forget. I'm the sticky note queen so unless I have a note, I can't remember. And once (well probably more than once), not too many years ago, I made fun of my mom for having notes on the counter. Little did I know what was in store for me!

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