Wednesday, May 16, 2007

And you wonder why I'm a basketcase...

After reading this you will see why I'm so tired all the time and why I'm so freaked out.

Remember way back when, when I said that I have a penchant for odd dreams? They continue. Last night I dreamt that Rob and I had gone wherever we were going (I would guess Colombia but it didn't come up in my dream) and we were sitting in a stadium of some sort. They were calling number and called every number in a range except for mine. They told those people they would be going to the court house and getting approved to adopt and would then get their babies. So of course I freaked out because they didn't call my number. All for naught of course because pretty soon they called my number along with a whole bunch of other people's. And we all started going down the steps of the stadium, sort of like at the end of a football game and everybody is leaving. I lost Rob in the crowd but I saw I guy I work with, Todd, but not his wife. So then we were up to the building. I didn't go to court but I handed the director of the orphanage my ticket and he said my baby would be through the next door. I opened the door and there were a whole bunch of cages. Our name was on one so I opened it and my "baby" was a black cat with white spots. Sort of like Roscoe for those of you who knew him but with short hair. For those of you who don't know Roscoe, he is Billy and Bob's father, brother, uncle, grandfather... So I went to the director and said "there must be a mistake" and he told me that I signed a paper saying I would accept any baby they placed with us and this is our baby. I said that I could have stayed in South Dakota and gotten a free cat from the barn or paid a whole lot less to get one from the humane society and did he know how much I paid to adopt and all I got was a cat? Now, you all know I love cats. That isn't the point. But he told me that I could take the cat or leave it but I wouldn't get another baby and I wouldn't get my money back.

I realize this won't happen in real life but it just proves how much this is running through my brain. No wonder I'm losing it!

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Starfish said...

Yeah, the dreams can be crazy - I had a weird one about holding a baby on a train platform and the train was leaving without me so I had to drive where I was going (not sure where that was) and I had the baby on the floor in the backseat and I was driving really sloooooow. The dreams continue a little when you first get home, but they eventually go away!