Wednesday, March 28, 2007

One more piece of the puzzle!

Our social worker called today and said our I171 should be here this week! How many times have you heard (read) me say Woo Hoo? Well, one more time! Woo Hoo! And my day keeps getting better! I just checked the passport status...mine is on the way! All together now...Woo Hoo! It says I should have it by April 1. There is no mail on Sunday so I'm fully expecting it by Saturday! Technically it does say "on or about". I'm trying to be optimistic here. For some reason, Rob's is still processing. He applied for his a week earlier than I did. I think checking repeatedly helped speed along the process! Had Rob checked as often as I did, his would be on the way too.

Rob and I went to Aberdeen yesterday so he could get his hair cut. All the way there we debated names. We are down to two boys names and a variation for the middle name. We know the girls name but can't decide on a middle name. Neither of us is really giving in. No one has ever accused either of us of being stubborn so I'm not sure where that comes from! :) We aren't really keeping the names a secret but I'll post them when we get the referral. We probably won't have decided until then anyway.

One stupid, stupid thing Rob said yesterday...I told him that we've been together for 12 years, married for ten (hard to believe). So this is going to be a huge change for us. I said that I think we need to go on one last hurrah date before we go. Go out to eat and a movie. Rob said "Oh there will be plenty of time for that after the baby gets here". I'm not sure what he was smoking but he has to be on something.

This seems to be a repeated problem...I'm supposed to be doing laundry. Instead I'm checking all my blogs and was very excited to see that almost all of them have been updated! Rob's at a conference and Billy is very snuggly. So there's no one here getting me off this chair.

It rained last night so the plant is very, very muddy. I had to go out there today and seriously lost my shoe a couple of times. So I put on some very attractive rubber boots over top of my steel toed shoes and looked very stylish. Good thing I was holding the camera. Our plant is coming along and we hope to be grinding corn in April. The question I going to be here to see it?

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