Friday, March 30, 2007

One passport down one to go!

I am the beholder of a United States passport with a very bad photo attached to it. But I have it so that's what matters! It said it was processed on March 20. Rob's still is "processing". Maybe the passport authority felt sorry for me since I applied the day Kramer died. I'm sure I looked awful. Even worse than my passport picture.

I talked to the MN SW today and our dossier was FedEx'ed to Colombia today! One possible glitch...Rob got his fingerprint card from the school. So when we sent them to the FBI, we (I) whited out the place where it said to return to the school and wrote in our address. At the time I didn't think anything of it. Now I find out that white out is a banned substance according to the orphanage. So it looks like we're being sneaky and changing information. Granted, who cares where we sent the results! Well I guess Colombia cares! So we're going to have to redo Rob's FBI prints just in case. Since next week is Holy Week I guess everything shuts down in Colombia. Our stuff will arrive down there next week but there won't be anyone there to tell us if the white out is OK or not. So to be safe we have to resubmit his prints to the FBI. If we send them down now we should have them back in two weeks.

Well, have a great weekend everyone. I'll be doing laundry. Seriously this time.

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