Monday, March 19, 2007

Good news and no news...

Well the good news is that our dossier was approved. Woo Hoo! So now I'll send it to the state for the final stamp of approval and then it's off to Colombia! Still no word on the passports. I tried calling on Friday on the way to the game and the lines were so busy they wouldn't even let me hold. I tried calling after the basketball game and they were closed. For the weekend as well. They're so busy again they wouldn't take my call. Since I can't stay awake past 8:30 I don't know how I'm going to call late at night. And when they do, I'm worried they're going to say "And your flight number is....". Of course I don't have one and I'm a horrible liar. Also no word on the I171. Considering they only took our fingerprints a week ago, I think it's a little early to think they'd have it done. Especially considering the fact that the USCIS' website says they are processing applications from December 13. Yeah, that makes me feel good.

No word yet on a referral either. I truly don't think it will be in March. I think it's going to be in April. And then if it is next week I can be really surprised instead of being disappointed that it will be another month. Imagine that...I'm not stressing out about it! Ha! That's odd. I probably will stress out if we get our referral next week just because we don't have the I171 or the passports.

There seems to be some confusion on the part of the grandmas about the age and size of the baby. So just in case I've confused anyone else...I think the baby will be around four months old at the time of our referral. From other people's blogs that I read, the babies seem to be around 13 pounds at that time. Now keep in mind that this isn't always the case. The age nor the weight. We're just guessing. We'll know more when we actually get the referral. Then we'll find out if it's a boy or girl, the size, the medical history, and it's name. So then it will be much easier to shop for clothes! Although I'm really going to hate to take back one of these outfits they're just so cute!

Our weekend was really good. I cleaned and did laundry on Saturday and my parents came down after the basketball games. We went to church and came home to my mom's cooking! That's what I really wanted for my birthday. I feel sorry for people whose mother's can't cook because mine surely can. :) Even the meat that I don't eat smelled good. We played some games and looked at a house in the afternoon. Rob's parents came over for angel food cake and strawberries and whipped cream (our birthday cakes growing up) and then they all headed home. I know I am so lucky that my mom and dad are my mom and dad. I love you both!!!

Today I went out for dinner with Ashley and for supper with Rob, have had lots of calls and emails, got flowers from my was a pretty good day. And next year I'll have a baby here to help me celebrate! I do have a little story to tell! Usually I do the really dumb things. Like going the wrong way for MILES because I was pretty sure I was going east even though the signs said west. I finally have a story about Rob! :) Today I was on the phone with my niece Katie when my niece Kara beeped in. After Rob got home from work he asked what I'd been doing. I said that I did some yoga and then talked to Katie and then Kara. He said "What are the chances they'd BOTH call today?" and I said "At the same time!". So I kept talking and he got this really weird look on his face and said "I finally realized why they both called you!". Hello! It's my birthday! You sent me flowers! I'm going to be telling this story for a loonnnngggg time!

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