Thursday, March 15, 2007

Critique on the dossier.

I didn't do too bad. Since my name is hyphenated, the verification of legal names was REALLY long. We had to list every possible variation of our names. I forgot to list my name with the actual hypen. For example, I listed Dana Jo She's-Loony but I didn't list Dana Jo She's Loony. Now who would think that would really matter? But I guess it does. So I have to redo that one. And then some of the notary stamps didn't show up on the fax. I'm not sure why I have to fax them again if that's the only problem but I do. So I have to color them in with pencil a little. Then once I get the approval I have to send them to the state to be apostilled. I was also told that I need to expedite the passports. But when I called it said they would only expedite them if I am traveling in the next 14 days. I might have to embellish a little.

We're going to have to make some decisions here soon. First of all we have way too much stuff in this little tiny house. The dining room is now the store room for baby stuff. Unfortunately the dining room is right in the middle of our house. Second we need to find daycare. Third I need to find a pediatrician. I know there is other stuff to do but I really need to get something done with those things.

I'll be glad when this week is over. Namely because an unpleasant week will be over. I also get to see my mom and dad and we're going to the state basketball tournament. Good luck Weston & Zach! It's too bad your teams had to play each other during the first round. My birthday is Monday and I still get excited about my birthday. AND we're even closer to our baby!

I do want to tell everyone who has emailed me this week and I haven't responded yet that I will, I promise. Day jobs, night jobs, and piano lessons get in the way of my email capabilities. And to those of who whose taxes I'm doing from home, I will get them done. Just not this week.

Well, my 8:30 bedtime has come and gone so I better get off the computer. Have a great night, a great St. Patrick's Day, and a great everything else until I'm back!

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