Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Santa Marta!

Our vacation within a vacation has started. It didn't start well, but it's getting better. Yesterday, our flight was at 9:25 so we were going to leave the motel at 7:25. (Dale, Diane, Luis, and Sandra were also going so we all rode together.) I had woken up with Jack around 1:00 Monday morning feeling a little sick. It kept getting worse throughout the night. By the time I got up at 6:00 I was definitely sick but there was not a chance I was going to skip this vacation. Freddy took us to the airport and I tried to stay as cool as I could because being warm made it worse. Having a heating pad for a baby didn't really help so Rob got to hold Jack for the entire trip. Yes, I probably infected everyone on the airplane but I'm going to forget that part. I slept on the airplane and did feel better after we landed. When we got off the plane, it was just a little bit warmer than when we left Bogota and I had to start shedding clothes before I got sick again. We got our baggage and found the Irotama bus outside the airport. The driver brought us to the resort and we got checked in. It was still pretty warm so Rob and Murphy walked in the Caribbean for a little bit, we ate, and then they swam in one of the pools while Jack and I slept. Even after I woke up, my stomach felt better but my whole body hurt. So I pretty much stayed in bed much of the day. We went to the buffet for both dinner and supper. It started raining yesterday evening and really didn't stop until mid-morning today. We hung out in the room until we could make it outside and went for a late breakfast and then to the pool. Rob and Murphy swam for about 2 1/2 hours. Jack and I joined them. for a while. it was cloudy and chilly (weather.com said 79 but it was much colder than that). Tomorrow says it's supposed to be 86 by mid morning so we're looking forward to that. Murphy has quite the tan going on all ready. Rob and I both got a little bit of color. Jack was covered by umbrellas and spf 50 so he's still the whitest in the family. We had a really good time today but wish it would have been longer. We aren't sure if Tuesday's are an off day here or what. Most of the restaurants were closed today. We were able to find the place to take our bottles and found a stroller. When we got back to our room after swimming today, the front desk called to see if we were having trouble with ants in our room (yes) and if our toilet flushed (no) because the maid had reported those issues. We ended up moving to another room that was closer to the pool. Our room is a two room suite that's really one room with a sliding door to close off the bedroom from the little front room. We ended up paying almost the same amount for our week here as we would have for our week in Bogota. We were going to come last week but there were no college classes so it would have been more expensive and full of kids. So anyway, we're here this week; one last hurrah before Rob goes home on Monday. We're going to be sad to be here without him but are excited to have my parents come down the same day he leaves.

So just to make you all jealous, here is what we get to look at every day...

Her first steps in the Caribbean.  

Love these two! 

The beach to the left, which must be south according to my great directional skills. 

Our bohio. (The first one with the ants and bad toilet.) 

The view to the right. We are actually staying right on the beach. 

Yes, those are oil rigs. 

The Great Pool. 

Another view of the Great Pool. It's truly called that; I'm not just calling it great. 

Having a ball playing with Daddy. 

Our first night of supper. No one is really enthused. 

Except Jack. He's always happy. 

Murphy, Luis, and Sandra playing in the sand. 

Sandra, Luis, Jack, Murphy, and Rob's hand. 

Family photo! 

Sandra and Murph. 

Diane and Jack. (I have to say it that way otherwise I start singing some John Mellencamp.) 

Snug as a bug in a towel. 

She could swim all day. 

And so could Daddy. 

Jack could be naked all day. Unfortunately I remember what it's like to be peed on. 
I'm not going there again any time soon. 

Taking a quick snack break. 

See, now aren't you jealous? :) 

Happy early birthday to my dear friend Pam! So glad we got to know each other and that we have so many things in common! It's like we've known each other forever...and to hear us talk sometimes, we might have! :) 


the kopkas said...

Love the pictures! Brings back so many fond memories of Irotama! We had to laugh when we checked out there, as they felt that I didn't eat enough, and since it is all inclusive, they knocked some off of our bill!! Gotta love Colombia!! Enjoy your days soaking up the sun, you sure aren't missing out on the 40 degree days we are having here...:)

Patsy and all :)

Pam said...

Thank you! It's funny.....but so true I feel like I have known you my whole life and I am so grateful you are my friend. It makes me laugh how much we "get" each other. The pictures are great!! It's so beautiful there.....and yes, I am very jealous. Do you know if you are in a fast court yet?