Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pictures from Pisingos.

Playing Candyland with Daddy.

Yes, this is our entire room. I am on the far side (although the bathroom is beside me) and you're seeing the rest.

She's getting dark already and we haven't even been to the coast! 

Such a happy baby! 

Diane (from Wisconsin) and Jack. 

Sandra, one of the maids. We love her! 

And Jack loves his toes. 

We couldn't find a Northern singlet. Or a Coyote shirt, for that matter! 

We have a similar picture with Murphy and Daddy but they were in their Chargers gear. 

Playing paper dolls (that are no longer paper). 

No, she is not naked. 

Walking to Carulla. 

Walking to Pisingos. 

Entering the building. 

Some of the kids watching TV. 

The room for the girls who are 5-12. 

Lots of beds. 

The laundry room. They go through 500 diapers a day. 

One of the indoor playrooms. 

The bottle room. 

The boys' room. 

One of the closets for the boys' room. 

The newborn room. 

The newborn room. 

Another view of the newborn room. I think there were 16 newborns. 

Even the young ones know how to go up and down the stairs. 

The baby room. 

The toddler room. 

The playroom for the babies and toddlers. 

Another view of the playroom. 

The one on the right is a twin and he and his brother kept fighting. 

Twenty four young toddlers. They all sit in a chair with a cup (not a sippy cup) and a piece of bread and eat their snack. 

This is the nurse that remembered Murphy's last name. 

This is the nurse we have a picture of from 2007. 

Murphy and Carlos. 

We loved our visit!

The entire location is gated and this is the view from the street. 


Grandma Lewis said...

The pictures are so awesome!!!! Wish we were there with you! Just makes me sad to think of all those children without families. We are so blessed that you chose two very special children to be part of our family! We love you!

juel said...

Heartwarming.....and beautiful !!!!

Tant Kaka said...

Wow, this i amazing! I see our daughter in one of the pictures! We couldn't get a better christmas-present right now!
It's the picture where the children are sitting in a row eating. She is in a pink chair with a pink pj.
We are waiting to bring her home to us in Sweden, but unfortunately we can't go there until late spring maybe. It's an awful time now, we just want to bring her home! And to celebrate christmas without her is so sad....

Now I wonder of course - do you have any more pics from Los Pisingos?
Maybe you can e-mail me and tell me (even if you don't have any more pics) about what you saw there? I would be SO glad!

Take care, merry christmas and THANK YOU for having this blog!