Sunday, November 02, 2008

October update

October was like every other month for us...busy!

Thursday the 9th, we went to Aberdeen to get Rob's hair cut and see if we could find something to wear for church pictures. I didn't find anything but did get some other good deals. Herbergers had some really good sales.

On Friday the 10th, Murphy threw up at daycare so I went home to get her. She didn't seem quite right but she didn't throw up again. She slept alot that weekend. Saturday my mom and a friend came and we went to a speaker at our church. Her name is Roxanne Henke and she is a write from North Dakota. Great books. I'd read the first two. They are such easy reading. My mom bought another one so I've read that now, too. Rob stayed home with Murphy and he said she didn't seem quite right either. She got a tooth that night. Number eight, and the fourth one on the bottom. So we weren't sure if everything was the flu or the tooth. Monday she was fine, but I was sick, so we're thinking she had a combination of both. I went to work to do month end. When I was done, I went home. I knew I wouldn't be able to take a nap because we had our pictures that afternoon and I couldn't lay on my hair. Such a dilemma, eh? Anyway, we all got ready and were at the church by 4:20. Our pictures were at 4:30 and we were only in a 15 minute slot. I didn't take anything to drink or diapers or anything. I thought "we'll only be there a few minutes". Yeah, right. He was 45 minutes behind schedule. During that time, Murphy had diarrhea. Rob ran home to get the diaper bag and wipes. I took her in the bathroom and found it had leaked through her pants. So he had to run home again and get a new pair. We finally got in and surprisingly the pictures turned out really well. I don't have them back yet or I'd show you. By the time we got home, it was about 6:00. I slept until 7:30, threw up, and went back to bed around 9:00. I was hoping I could lose a few pounds out of the deal but I woke up on Tuesday morning to a growling stomach. So I knew I was over it.

On the 15th, we found another tooth. I thought teeth came in one next to the other. I guess they don't. This one is on the bottom but back a few spots. In keeping with this theme, she also got the same one on the top on Halloween. She she now has ten teeth and the same teeth on the right side are coming in soon. Good thing she doesn't really have any side effects. They just show up.

Rob went to Rapid City for school on Sunday the 19th. Murphy's nose started to run on the 20th. Rob came home on the 21st. I took Murphy to the doctor on the 22nd. She did not have RSV but the PA told me to keep her out of daycare so she could get over it. I stayed home with her that day. My mom came on Thursday. Rob's dad watched her late in the afternoon on Thursday. By this time, I had a runny nose. Friday morning Rob left for Rapid again for guards. Murphy went to Ila Mae's house, a retired daycare provider. Ila Mae and her husband love Murphy and she loves all the attention. That night we went to my brother and sister-in-law's house for Thanksgiving supper. My niece and her husband had the baby there, plus another niece was home from Portland. She just got engaged in August and is planning an August wedding in 2009. Since they were all home we had Thanksgiving. Murphy did not like me holding Gavin. She was fine with everyone else holding him. I tried not to get too close to anyone since we were both a little sick. I figured Murphy was about over hers and mine was just really in my sinuses. Little sick. Remember that. Saturday morning we had a baby shower for Gavin at my mom and dad's church. I still didn't feel too bad. By the end of the shower, I didn't feel good at all. It's a good thing I was at my parents' house so Mom could help me with Murphy. Murphy and I took a three hour nap that afternoon. My whole head hurt. I was so stuffed up, I couldn't breath out of either side. I would choke when I swallowed because I couldn't breath. I don't ever remember having a cold so bad. Sunday morning was Gavin's baptism. Murphy and I just came home instead. I had taken Riley with us and she had every opportunity to run free on the farm. She didn't even want to. She came back to the garage every time we let her out. In town we have to keep her on her leash or she runs around the neighborhood. Rob got home from guards Sunday afternoon and was in charge of the baby and the dog after that. A week later, I'm still sick. I can at least breath again but I still don't feel great. It never left my head. If Murphy felt like I did, I feel bad for her because it was all packed inside her tiny little body. Now my mom has it. Hopefully the baby doesn't get it.

Thursday the 30th, we finally made it to Dairy Queen to celebrate Murphy's Gotcha Day. She snarfed down her hotdog faster than we could cut it apart. Friday was Halloween. I left work at noon to come home and do yard work. Rob cut down a tree and I cut back all the bushes in preparation for winter. Riley played with the leaves in her kennel and Murphy played with the leaves in the pen we have for her. Around 4:30 I started getting her ready and we left to trick or treat around 5:30. We didn't think we'd be gone too long as we were only going to a few houses. Two and a half hours later... she was hungry, tired, and we'd missed all the kids that came to our house. So now I'm stuck with a whole bunch of candy. I'm taking it to work. I know I'm biased but she really was a cute kitty. I had to take the candy out of the bucket after every house because she wanted to play with it instead of going to the next house. Our longest stop was at Jill's house, the girl I work with. We had a beer while Murphy tormented the dog. It's good for her though, because Jill is pregnant and the dog will have to get used to it.

So now it's November and we've had the nicest weather we've had in over a month. It was beautiful today. Riley is a social dog and won't be left outside without us. She won't pee without us standing there watching her, either. So I tried to put her in the kennel today and she just barks and barks. I don't want anyone to call the cops on us so I brought her back in.

I will try to be much better about updating. I know people check to see what's new. I even check every once in a while to see if Rob has somehow figured out how to log in and post. Obviously that hasn't happened.

Have a good November!

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