Saturday, November 01, 2008

October pictures

Do you think she was ready for a nap?

Playing with Christy's camera.

Somewhere she isn't supposed to be.

I can't even come up with a good comment on this one.

Great toys, eh? Balloons (from Rob's birthday in April ) and cookie racks.

She likes spaghetti!

What more do you need when you have a cold? A pillow, a stuffed animal, your blanket, your dog, and laying on the couch watching TV.

Gotcha Day #1! Opening her present.

A turtle!

Two of us were sick, the other loves having his picture taken. Gotcha Day #1.

Trying to figure out why this turtle keeps chasing me!

Eating grapes at Grandmas.

She thought the footstool of the barber chair was a great place to sit.

Poor Louie. He just didn't know enough to run away when he had the chance.

Too tired to stay awake!

She's part of the clean plate club. Even when she's sleeping.

Is this the cutest kitty you've ever seen!?!?

Where's the candy?

Heidi checking out what's in the bucket.

She loves Heidi.

Can you tell?
Good thing Heidi isn't a hyper as Riley!


cara said...

I love the pictures, she is so adorable! She is a cute little kitty. Cara

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a cuter kitty!! :)

Love Aunt Christy