Tuesday, July 01, 2008

June update

Although it's more than a little late. Not a whole lot happened. Rob spent the first part of the month finishing up the year at school. Murphy started swimming lessons on Monday, June 2. I took her a couple of days, Rob took her a couple of days, and Rob and Haley took her one day. Haley videotaped and took pictures and Rob got in the pool with Murphy. She really enjoyed it. She had a perpetual smile the entire first lesson. The other kids were at least a year older so they could say "I don't want to go under!" but Murphy didn't have that choice. We did things like "The Wheels On the Bus" and "Ring Around the Rosey" and she went all the way under a few times. She never coughed or sputtered and the instructor told us that babies have a natural reflex to hold their breath but older kids lose that reflex until they relearn it. So she did really well with that. She got tooth number three on June 3 while I was at golf. With the tooth came quite a bit of diarrhea. Unlucky for Rob's parents as they were watching her the day she got sick. So we didn't take her to swimming the next day in case it happened again. I golfed in a tournament on Friday the 13th. We didn't come close to winning but we did have to sit under a tree for about a half an hour while it poured. After the tournament got over I came home and we took Murphy to her first drive in movie! It was What Happens in Vegas. Murphy and I stayed awake until about 11:00. I'm pretty sure Rob saw the whole thing. I don't know that I've ever stayed awake for an entire drive in movie. That's just way past my bedtime. That was Father's Day weekend and Rob's first Father's Day was pretty uneventful. We went to Aberdeen for dinner and he wanted a golf bag so that's what he got. On the 19th and 20th we had our two day workshop for baby #2. I thought the workshop was really good this time. I don't know if it was different material or maybe because we had a clue this time. Of the seven (?) couples there, most had adopted before so we had lots to discuss. It was just really interesting. Rob's sister watched Murphy and she ended up getting sick. She got a fever on Thursday night. I just figured it was because she was getting tooth #4 and gave her some Motrin. She was better after that. But then we went to the lake on Friday night and by the time we got there she had a fever pretty bad again. I gave her more Motrin and called the Ask-A-Nurse. She told me I could give her a little more Motrin and then give her more at 3:00 a.m. She said she wouldn't be too concerned until her fever hit 105. At 3:30 her fever was 104.7. She was just burning up and bawling really hard. So we headed out to the emergency room. We got as far as Webster and decided we'd just stop there. I still thought it was just her tooth coming in. She's had an ear infection with the other teeth and also a fever so it wasn't out of the ordinary. What was different was that she wasn't responding to the Motrin. Usually that works really well but not this time. While we were there her temp went from 105.1 to 105.3 and 105.7. The doctor told us she had a slight ear infection, not really enough of one to cause that high of fever, charged us $137 for ear infection medicine and sent us home. Plus the cost of the visit. That was Saturday morning. We got back to the lake and slept for a little while. And then it was time to get up and get ready for my parents' anniversary party. We had some people over that afternoon and it was really nice. We also had Murphy's birthday party that day since most of my family was there. She was awake for that and then went right back to sleep. She wasn't sure what to think of the cake. But then she started squishing it in her hands and really liked that. She didn't get very messy, though. She slept quite a bit of the night and we kept giving her Motrin every three hours like they told us. The next morning she woke up hot and crying again and Rob went to move her (she was with us by this point) and there was poop all over the bed, Rob, the sheets...poor thing. So I stood in the shower with her to get it off of her and then we decided to just head home. She still wasn't any better and we figured we'd stop in Aberdeen at the hospital if she still had a fever by the time we got there. She finally slept well in the car and by the time we got there, she wasn't very warm. So we kept going home. That night we decided if she still had a fever in the morning we'd take her to the doctor. She did, so we went back to Aberdeen. She DIDN'T have an ear infection at all. She had a stomach virus and by the time we got there, she was about over it. They said we really couldn't have done anything about the virus but we did the right thing by giving her the Motrin the way we did. So we have $137 in ear infection medicine if anyone needs it. Wednesday the 25th was her birthday. We thought we should do a little something so we had Haley and her mom in for supper that night. We gave her an interactive table at the lake and then a set of golf clubs the day of her birthday. The at party number three we gave her a CD of kids songs. So anyway, we just enjoyed her actual birthday and it was quiet and relaxed. On the 28th we had Rob's family over for her birthday. That was party #3. We don't normally plan to have three parties but that's just the way it worked out this year. She really went to town on the cake this time. I think she knew what to do. It had rained earlier in the day but that afternoon was really nice. Sunday we went and got Murphy's last birthday present...Riley, a beagle. We'd been trying to decide if we were going to get kitties or a puppy. She was just really drawn to dogs. Even if she'd see one on TV, she'd stick out her hand and Oh, Oh, Oh. I wanted a small dog about the size of a cat that snuggled like a cat. Basically I wanted a cat. Rob thought we should get a medium sized dog. Somehow we ended up with a beagle. They told us she was more mellow than her littermates and I'm just not sure how hyper they actually are because she's a hyper little dog. At first I was afraid that Murphy would love her to death. Now I'm sure they're pretty evenly matched. Sometimes Riley won't leave Murphy alone and sometimes Murphy won't leave Riley alone. We're having a little trouble with the house training aspect of dog ownership. She will go outside and pee (and I can spit more than she pees) and then come right back inside and pee on the floor. And she has been known to poop on the floor and eat it. Ick. Ick. Ick. So we've taken to going outside with her about once an hour. She goes on about six or seven walks a day. At least I'm getting a little exercise, too. On the 30th Murphy went back to Dr. Mayo. I was really surprised because she hasn't gotten as tall as I though. She's still 29 inches (but I know she's gotten taller in the past three months!) and 22 pounds. So she's in the 75th percentile for both now.

I already posted pictures for the month so there is the update. Since it's almost July 25 I'll start working on the next update. News of the month...she walking!

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