Thursday, June 26, 2008

June pictures

I'm ready to go for a boat ride!

Daddy says it's a Wolf. Mama says it's a Coyote.

Murphy loved swimming lessons!

Lorie Line Junior!

Murphy's head kept falling to the side so I put a neck rest thing on her head. She didn't like it!

Chillin' in the pool.

She loved to have her feet licked by Sandy.

The before picture.

The during picture. She really didn't get too messy. She just really wanted to squish it in her hands.

Her new four wheeler.

Watching Daddy mow.

Getting a better view of Daddy mowing.

Just woke up the day of her birthday!

Opening a present the night of her birthday.

Look how dark she is already!

Say Cheese!


Trace said...

Aw, so freaking cute!!! What a happy happy girl!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Dana! She is sooooo beautiful!! Everytime I see her she gets a little more cute. I bet she is getting to be so much fun.

Anonymous said...


Starfish said...

Happy Birthday Murphy! Gotta love the colombian tan...

Anonymous said...

Hello little one.
I love the new pictures. Hard to believe you are already a year old. My how big you have gotten. You sure do get cuter every single time I get to see you.
I agree with daddy and say that it is a wolf. GO WOLVES!!
Hope you had a Happy Birthday. Can't wait to see you again.
Jamie and the J's

cara said...

She is such a doll! I am sending her a little package. Look for it in the mail towards the end of the week. It was something I started making for her when you were in Columbia---sorry it took me forever since Matthew never lets me sit down for more than two minutes! Cara