Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nine Months Old Today!

It hardly seems possible! She's been with us for five months now and we really don't remember life before her. Things have slowed down a little in the past few weeks. My birthday was last Wednesday and Rob left that day for Detroit for a wrestling tournament. He brought Murphy out to work earlier that day to see me and the people I work with brought great food to eat all day. I didn't do anything that night. My house was clean and most of the laundry done, so I relaxed all night. I had a board meeting on Thursday and by the end of the day, I was ready to go out with my coworkers! I got a babysitter and went out....until 7:30! 35 must be the beginning of the late night partying! On this first day of spring we got quite a bit of snow that night (here in town only about two inches but my parents got about 11) and Murphy got her first tooth! I don't know that most people would be able to tell she was cranky. But she's usually so good and doesn't fuss at all that we knew something was up. It was nice to be at my parents' house for a couple of days without anything to do but visit and relax. Saturday we went in to my aunt and uncle's house to dye Easter eggs. Murphy got a hold of a paint brush loaded with purple paint and wasn't very happy when we tried to take it away from her. Sunday morning we went to town early for breakfast then church then to the same aunt and uncle's house for dinner. We played a lot of cards and Murphy took a good nap. Rob got home from Detroit and up there around 1:30 but she was sleeping. It took everything he had not to go in a wake her. Easter Sunday would have been my grandma's 93rd birthday. Rob and Murphy stayed home together on Monday while I went to work. Prom is this weekend and we are supposed to get snow. But it hopefully won't be a flood like last year!

So with that...here are the latest pictures.

I love pickles!

My first tooth!

I'm not sure who likes to snuggle more...Rob or Murphy.

She can make a pretty good fish face...this isn't her best but it's pretty cute.

Playing with Grandma. She does have clothes other than pajamas (although I think most of her pictures include the pj's!)

Her first Easter! Isn't that a gorgeous dress? Thanks Jim & Pam!

What do I do with this egg?

Until she could sit well on her own, she sat in the bathtub and played!

Playing the piano with our cousin Macy.

I love my daddy!

This is her Grandpa Loyde with no teeth look.

If you don't lift up the bottle, she'll put her head down and suck all the air out of the bottle until she gets something to drink.


Denise :o) said...

Hi! I was given your blog address by Starfish. I'm interested in finding out more regarding adoption from Colombia and I was hoping I could email you (or you, me) so I could ask you some questions. Starfish thought you might be able to give me some info. My email address is dgodwin77@frontiernet.net

Your daughter is absolutely beautiful!!!! Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Murphy, it sounds like you had a good Easter. We were so happy to see you when you got back from you other grandma and grandpa's. You grow so much all the time and we love having you come to our house the days we watch you. We have sooooo much fun!!!!! You are the best little girl! Before you know it, you will have a full mouth of teeth. Always remember, we LOVE you very very much!!!
Love grandma and grandpa Lewis.

cara said...

I love the pictures--is she chewing on a pickle? If so she's my kind of girl.
When are you coming to town next?
I won't be coming to visit you until after tax season. Cara

Starfish said...

Great pics! So glad you are all doing well.

Amy said...

She has grown so much since I saw her last. She is so adoreable. They grow up so fast, so just wait, you'll turn around and she'll be going to prom. Sounds like everyone is doing great. Stay warm. When is the real Spring coming. I'm ready and waiting.
Amy H

Ruth Ann Craven said...

Love your blog! Great pics! Murphy is a cutie pie. We're having fun in Colombia right now and your blog is giving me lots of great ideas for sightseeing and places to go! Thanks for all the comments you've posted to Anna's blog. They're always fun to read!

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