Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We're making the rounds

We've been busy the last few days. On Sunday she took a really good nap only because Rob held her the entire time. He kept calling me on the phone and said "my arm is falling asleep" or "my feet are freezing but my upper body is roasting". I told him I really didn't care. Monday I went to work for a while and took her with. I fed her before I started working and then she slept a while. She played in the exersaucer for a while, ate some more, took another nap, and was good the whole time. We went to the boys basketball game last night and she got passed around a little. She took a short nap during the game and then went to sleep when we got home around 10:00. She didn't eat a whole lot yesterday so we figured she'd be up last night. She was but she waited until 5:00 or so. So then she slept late this morning. She ate some cereal for the first time in over a week, had a bath, and is dressed and ready for more action today. We're going back to school to visit one of the lunch ladies that wasn't there last week. Then tonight we have wrestling so we'll be out again. Tomorrow we're meeting Erin from LSS for our first visit and then we'll try to stop in Brookings to see two of my nieces and then we'll head to Elk Point. I can't wait to see my friends!!!! I miss them so much! We'll come home on Thursday. For those of you in Highmore, we'll be at the girls basketball game on the 20th. Come see us! I made her first doctor's appointment today. We can't get in until the middle of January because the husband and son of our doctor died in a plane crash just after Thanksgiving. We understand her need to be at home with her family right now so we're OK with the wait. We could choose another doctor but we've heard such great things about her that we really want her as Murphy's doctor.

OK, that's all for now. Have a great day!!!


Brianna said...

Let me know when you're coming through tomorrow! I would rather see Murphy than go to class or work! Have a safe trip!

Erin said...

Dana -- I don't have your new address! Can you send to me when you get a chance? Thanks and welcome home!