Thursday, December 06, 2007

Our busiest day yet!

Murphy slept for two hours this morning so Christy didn't get a lot of holding time in! She woke up right before dinner so we went to Subway and ate then to Carol's for a coffee. Then out to work for a little bit. Jill didn't get spit up on this time! Then back to our house for another nap. This time Christy got to hold her the whole time. We went the girls basketball game and Allan met us there. Murphy wasn't bothered by the band or the buzzer or the people. She even slept for a while. She got passed around a little but not too bad. I learned my lesson, though. While we were home I filled the formula containers so I had enough for six bottles. Christy was holding her at the game and I said "I'm going to make a bottle so it's ready when she wants it" because I knew it wouldn't be long. So I got out a bottle and looked for the formula. No formula. Whoops, I forgot it at home. And right then she wanted a bottle now! Won't make that mistake again! So Christy ran home and got it and all was better. We got home around 10:00 so she's learning to stay up a little later than 7:00. Christy went home and we all are going to bed. We're finally adjusting to life at home. But it isn't as easy when you don't have someone make all your meals and clean your room. :)

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