Saturday, November 10, 2007

We've been going crazy!

Our Internet has been down for two whole days! Our entire motel has been going crazy!We really haven't done very much in those two days.

Thursday Rob was going to do homework so Patty and I went to the Botanical Garden. It was pretty but most of the flowers were done blooming. I think my mom would really enjoy it. Good thing she's coming to visit us!!! My dad, Murphy, and I will casually stroll along while Mom takes pictures of every flower there! And the clouds!

When we got back, the Internet still wasn't up but Rob had spent most of the afternoon doing laundry and reading one of his books for class. The change in schedule didn't sit well with Murphy so we had a little fight on our hands when it came to nap time. She just does not like to go to sleep. Not during the day and not at night. She sleeps good but she doesn't want to get there. Me, on the other hand...I love to sleep. After she finally fell asleep I went downstairs to see Myriam, the sweater lady, again. She brought blankets and I found one that I could change a little and really liked it. While we were down there, we found out that a couple from Kansas City got sentencia. They had just been to the Defendor of Minors on Tuesday and been in Colombia since October 28. That is like the fastest I've ever heard. I don't expect ours will go that quick. I don't think I'll be ready to go home with Rob on the 23rd...maybe Mom, Murphy, and I will be able to go home with my dad on the 30th. Otherwise, Mom will stay with us and go home when we're done.

Friday we ventured out to the drugstore and JACQUES! I just got a chocolate filled pastry. It was good, but I didn't get it warmed up. I think that would be better. We were on our way to the drugstore to get formula and cough drops. I am feeling better by the way. Megan gave me some medicine on Thursday night and I slept all night! I woke up on Friday and felt much better. I did get the cough drops and have had a couple. We went to Maku and got a few things on the way home. Last night we had a fight about the nap again so she didn't fall asleep until 6:30. We went down to eat and came back upstairs and I fell asleep at 7:30. For the night! I think the cold and lack of sleep got to me.

She woke up at 6:00 this morning so I took her downstairs to let Rob sleep a little longer. We ate breakfast and came back up here to FINALLY get on the Internet. Rob and I each have our laptops going.

The exciting news of the day is that Murphy is rolling over! She's been pretty close the past few days. But from what we've read, babies roll over from their stomach to their back first. Not our girl! She's going straight for the hard stuff! Back to front! She has been getting to her side for a while but can't figure out what to do after that. The first time, Rob moved her arm out of the way and she rolled right over. I laid her on the playmat and she didn't really want to do anything. So I put her on her stomach and she rolled right over again. We'll keep practicing!

We decided to weigh her because the family from KC has a scale with pounds on it. I think she's about 12 1/2 pounds. She's pretty small, but they told us she was over 13 when we got her. I know she hasn't lost weight since then so I don't think it was right. We're guessing about 23 inches. She's too long for anything "footed". I have a nine month sleep sack that she sleeps in and her legs have to be bent because she's too long for it. We know her birth mother is about 5'6" or 5'7" and we're guessing her birth father would be taller. She might be a tall girl! She'll fit right in with us!

Today we aren't doing anything special. We're going out for Italian tonight. Rob and Carmen of the Willrett's are going home tomorrow. Tomorrow we'll probably go to the market and then Monday, which is a holiday, to the mall and "Walmart". And of course, we'll watch football. The Chargers play the Colts. And if they can't beat the Vikings, I don't see a W in the books tomorrow night, either. And thank you for all your offers, but we don't need any Vikings uniforms or Packers uniforms. We've been through a drought with the Chargers before and that was much worse than this.

One last picture of the outfit we got her. It's a four so she's won't be able to wear it for a while but we wanted it big enough so she could enjoy it.

Have a great day!!

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