Sunday, November 11, 2007

The good, the bad, and the ugly...

The good...the Internet went down yesterday but luckily came back up. The bad...we lost water for what was to be 48 hours. The ugly...I hadn't showered yet when we lost water.

we finally got Internet access back yesterday morning so we spent the entire morning on the Internet. Murphy napped and when she woke up we were sitting outside in the sitting room while the maids cleaned our room when Juel came up and asked if we wanted to go to the leather district. So we quickly changed our clothes and brushed our teeth, got Murphy ready, and headed out the door. We spent the afternoon shopping. Each store on the street was selling leather coats, purses, pants, blankets, wallets, bags...some of them even were very nicely covered in hair. Yuck! I know it must be the in thing these days (at least here) but it sure isn't for me. When we got back we found out we'd lost water and they said it would be for 48 hours and the entire northern part of Bogota was affected. Rob and Carmen left today so all the Americans went out to eat at Aruza, an Italian place. It was really good. We got home and as I was feeding Murphy, I fell asleep, too. That was around 8:30. She woke up at 1:30 and drank about two ounces but I think most of it ran down her chin. She was acting really funny...but she fell asleep within ten minutes. She woke up again around 4:30 really whiny. I picked her up but she didn't want to eat. I held her for just a few minutes and she fell back asleep. I got back in bed and fell asleep and she woke up seven minutes later. So I picked her up again and she fell alseep quickly. I laid her down, got in bed, fell asleep, and she woke up again. I don't know if she was having bad dreams or what. She woke up again at 6:00 with the same thing. So I just held her and she slept until 7:30. By this time she was so hungry that she drank all six ounces. She's had a nap already and she's dressed for the Charger game. Rob dressed her last week and we all know how that game turned out. So he made me dress her this week.

Oh, I forgot...when I got up this morning I checked the water and it was back on! Yay!!! So I did get a shower today.

David and Carmen painted her room yesterday. We're excited to see it! I think I owe David something to drink as he said he didn't even paint his own house! Thank you both!

OK, I better go. We're heading out to a new market today. I didn't even take pictures yesterday afternoon so I don't have anything new to show you. Maybe later today.

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