Monday, November 12, 2007

Three weeks many to go?

Yesterday we headed to the La Fontana market which is inside a really nice motel. It was much smaller than the others that we've been to and I felt really bad because in the same courtyard they were having a church service. So as I'm trying to say "How much?" I can hear people talking in the service. We got a few things and went to Carulla again for groceries. Rob got some roast beef and we got cheese and bread for sandwiches. We found a new way to walk there so it's much quicker. Last night the motel used the projector so we could all watch The Amazing Race in the sitting area downstairs. I fell asleep during part of it so we came back upstairs and I watched the rest and then part of the Charger game. They had such a great first quarter. I'm not sure what happened after that because I fell asleep. All I know is that I'm glad Adam Viniatieri was on our team last night or we would have lost!

Today is Independence Day so not much going on. We walked to Exito (Super Walmart) and UniCentro, which is a mall. We didn't find much but I did eat at Crepes and Waffles! Rob and Patty didn't want to but I got a crepe with Nutella and strawberries. It was SOOOOO good! Of course, anything with Nutella is good. I could actually go back and get another. It's a good thing we had a half hour walk afterwards. I needed to walk off all those calories.

Murphy took a small nap while we were gone but she was still pretty tired when we got back so I gave her a bottle and she fell asleep on my arm. It (my arm) fell asleep so when I moved her she woke right up and is now squealing and wiggling in her car seat, supposed to be sleeping.

She gets her four month shots tomorrow. Good thing I have her today and tonight and Rob gets her tomorrow and tomorrow night! :) He's already trying to get out of it.

Since today is a holiday the courts are closed. Our papers were submitted on Tuesday, November 6. From what we've been told, the judge has 30 working days to sign the papers. Then he sends them back to the defender of minors who has five working days to sign them again. Then back to the judge who has another five days to sign before we get sentencia. Then we have about three or four days to get her passport, visa, doctor visit... done before we can come home. So of all those days, we have four down. A little depressing, eh? Cecelia won't tell us what court we're in but says it's a good one. Whatever that means. So we wait. Rob goes home next week and Mom & Dad come the same day. So that will break up our time a little. I know I won't be done when Rob leaves next Friday. There are only four days this week and then the embassy will be closed part of next week for Thanksgiving. So maybe when Dad goes home on the 30th but I doubt it. Otherwise Mom will stay with us until we go home.

One last picture of a little girl here at the motel. She was adopted from Colombia a few years ago and their family is back adopting their third child. Anway, her name is Maria and we've talked with her that she and Murphy share that name. The other night she came up to us and said "Hey Murphy are you?". I thought it was so cute. So now she's Murphy Murph. Anyway, this picture is from when we went to the leather district and she's holding the mannequin's hand. She's just a cutie!


cara said...

Only four days down, Yikes. I know the feeling. Are you starting to feel as if you are living in the "Groundhog Day" movie yet? Maybe that is only true for Ukrainian adoptions. Cara

Starfish said...

The closer you get to coming home the harder it is to wait. Sounds like you're trying to stay busy though - that helps. Have you been to Maku yet? I didn't think it was that great, but it's something to do - and you can get a few less expensive souveniers there.

Crepes y Waffles - YUMMMM!!!!