Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I like cereal! Really!

Don't mind the look on my face...I really do like it!


Anonymous said...

We're still here! Thinking about you and anxious for you to come home too so we can meet Murhpy in person!

I just drove by your house this morning as I took the kids to school. The Oral Interp team left for Aberdeen at 7:30. There are 8 of them presenting today. Anyway, I thought of you as I passed by your house, saying a prayer, and hoping it won't be long before you are home! The house next door (south) has a "pending" sign next to it, so you may have new neighbors when you get home.

It's supposed to be another nice day here--in the 60s! A bit unusual for this time of year in South Dakota...but we'll take it!

Take care!

All our love and best wishes.

Le Ann & Brian
Judd & Jardy

Denita said...

We made it safely home last night after a fantastic weekend topped off by a win (WHEW!)it was a great game (despite the 99 yard and 97 yard kickoff returns!)
I'm glad your mom and dad are coming -- I'll bet they can hardly wait! There was a family on our airplane with a baby who screamed and cried the entire 2 hour flight and I thought of you coming back by yourself -- so I'm glad your mom will be with you! There also was a single mom in the bathroom at the Minneapolis airport who asked someone to hold her baby so she could go to the bathroom and I thought -- holy buckets lady! I could never give a complete stranger my baby! You just never know. Anyway...thought of you again and wondered how in the world you were gonna get to pee! Then I remembered you have the snugly so that would have worked, but you don't have to worry about it.
I was happy to see the Chargers won -- AWESOME! I guess you will always have to put Murphy into her Chargers attire from now on Dana - I thought you were having a "Dana Moment" when you said Veneteri was on your team -- I had to call Leroy at work and ask him when the Chargers got Veneteri -- THEN I figured it out -- he must have missed a couple of kicks huh? I didn't watch the game closely -- we were out enjoying our last night in Pittsburgh --they've lost the last two games we were at, so it was fun to be in a happy city!

Take care guys!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am glad you are giving Murphy ceareal, Rob and Christy always liked it and slept longer after eating it, they seemed more content. I sent you a long e-mail today so won't write alot here. Can't wait till I get my hands on that beautiful little girl. Tell her that her grandma Lewis loves her and give her a big hug and kiss for me.
Love Grandma Lewis.