Friday, November 30, 2007

One last step...

We are done! Finished! No more paperwork! So now that we're done with all the official stuff, we need to make sure we're done with all the good stuff!

Dad left this morning. I had my alarm set for 5:20 but was awake anyway. Henry said he made it through the airport OK and his bags were underweight. We were pretty close on one of them.

We were going to go to the leather district this morning but time ran short. So we just went to Maku and finished up almost all the shopping. I tried to start packing but knew we had more shopping to do and also some laundry to finish. Anival came to get me this afternoon around 3:00 and we went back to the notary. We got there around 3:35 and picked up her visa and were out the door around 3:40. Not nearly as busy as applying for the visa. As soon as I got back, I decided to celebrate by getting my hair cut. I went to Norberto's, which is just down the street, and told the stylist, a guy named Michell, to do whatever he wanted. It was quite interesting having three guys who didn't speak English stand around you telling you what to do with your hair. I figured if I didn't like it, I'd just have Leslie fix it when I got home. But I was pretty desparate. I hadn't had my hair cut in six weeks and it was driving me crazy. So in the end, I really like it. I don't have any pictures though so you'll have to wait. I'm not telling Rob until I get home, though. We'll see if he notices. I'm not the one he's going to be looking at!

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