Tuesday, September 18, 2007

No real news yet

We are still (impatiently) waiting on the pictures. I heard back from the doctor at the International Adoption Clinic in Minneapolis. She wanted an MRI and an Ultrasound done so I called the social worker back. She is going to call down and order them today. Hopefully they'll get those done quickly and we can get some answers. We'd like to be able to accept the referral this week.

A couple from Watertown also received their referral yesterday. So it would be kind of neat if there were three couples from SD there.

We are still not quite out of the old house. We just have to clean the kitchen and the basement. I seem to have a little problem with boxes. I thought we'd need some good boxes to use when we moved. So I kept taking them home. Unfortunately Rob broke down about 100 boxes tonight that we didn't use. That was like two whole years of hard work collecting boxes and it sort of bothered me to see them go away. What if we need them? They were nice, thick boxes. You don't just get them anywhere. He did let me keep a few Dell boxes and some HP. Otherwise, they're all gone!

I'm posting a couple of pictures here and the rest are going on the flickr page. Mostly from the wedding.

I guess they're all from the wedding. At least we look good!

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Christy said...

I can so relate to the box story. I did the same thing in regards to cleaning out my basement. I bet we (or should I say Mom and Dad)tore down over 50 boxes. My basement wouldn't have been that bad if it weren't for all of the empty boxes. :)