Friday, July 13, 2007

News that isn't so good.

We received an email yesterday from LSS. It seems there are 220 Colombian families ahead of us. Yes, that was two hundred twenty. Once those 220 have received their referrals we will be back on the list. Until then, LSS is not accepting any new applications for Colombia and they are recommending people who are already working on their documents consider switching to a different international program. So we wait. I think I can unpack the suitcase in the dining room. I also don't have to worry about missing my niece's wedding in August. Or anything else that will happen this year. They don't expect these 220 families to receive their referrals for several months. So it looks like it will be 2008 for us. I hope so at least. It's really a letdown but I know there isn't one thing I can do about it.

We've had some visitors this week. My nephew is hauling grain for a farmer near town so he's been here all week. Our friend Jason was here with his son for a funeral so we watched Jacob while Jason was at the prayer service. Billy just really isn't thrilled with the whole baby idea. Plus, we moved the ironing board out of the extra bedroom since Collin is staying here and now Billy doesn't have anywhere to lay. I'm not sure why he likes to be under the ironing board but he does. So he hid under the bed the whole time Jacob was here.

Totally changing subjects here...I'm going to be a little political. I've always been for the death penalty. On Wednesday night South Dakota executed it's first prisoner since 1947. It even made CNN. Wednesday when I came home from work, I read the Argus and started feeling really funny. I think I'm a little sensative about death this week because today would have been my cousin's 38th birthday. So as I read the coverage, I started crying and praying for this man. I prayed that he is remorseful and had asked God to forgive him. I prayed for his family and the family of the man he killed. And I began to question whether I really agreed with the death penalty. It was a little weird for me. Thinking I'd always believed one way and then wondering if I actually knew what I thought. There hasn't been a death penalty case that I've been familiar with or knew of since the murder happened (one of Rob's friends from high school worked on his defense during his initial trial). I've had people tell me "you can't be against abortion and be for the death penalty". Yes I can. I can't get pregnant. The only way that I can be a mother is for a woman who decides not to parent her child to carry that child full term and place that child for adoption. If I could take the child out of her womb and carry him or her myself, I would. But I can't. For those of you out-of-staters, SD also made CNN this year in regard to abortion. So this week, I'm sad for Elijah Page. I'm sad for his family. For Chester Poage and his family. For the people directly involved in his execution. I can't imagine what they felt. But I still don't quite know where I stand in regard to the death penalty. How do you all feel? Blogger has this new "polls" tool. So my first ever poll is whether you're for or against the death penalty. I don't mean for this to get into a heated debate. But I would like to hear your opinions. You can also leave comments. Not just about the death penalty either! :) Hint, hint!

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