Monday, July 16, 2007

I found my wallet!

Five months later! :) I'll get to how in a minute.

We are a grilling family. During the summer we grill out almost every night. Until two years ago when we moved here. We left behind our grill because it was falling apart and had moved across the state and from house to house to house. We thought we'd find permanent housing quickly. So we didn't want to buy a nice grill until we had a house. Two years later, we are still in the same rental. We've had enough. Thursday, July 19 is our ten year anniversary. So we decided to buy a grill. Obviously I didn't know what I was getting into or I wouldn't have agreed. Saturday we went to Aberdeen and picked up a few things. While we were in Target we walked past the grills and decided maybe it was time. We had my car so we knew anything we bought wouldn't fit anyway. Sunday I played for church and we got home about 10:20. I didn't even make it in the house and Rob was waiting in the pickup (we drove two cars to church because I went early to practice). So we stopped at Casey's for a doughnut and drink and off we went. We went BACK to Aberdeen and figured we better shop around. We went to Shopko first. Nothing. We stopped to eat at Pizza Ranch. Then we went to KMart, Walmart, Menards, Target, Walmart, and Menards. Oh and then back to Walmart to exchange the grill cover we got. By this time, I didn't care what he got. I didn't care how much he spent. I just wanted to go home. My foot was killing me because I'd been walking too much, I was still in my church clothes, and I was ready for a nap. We got home at 5:00. We carried in the stuff we got and I let him take a nap for a while. We started cleaning out the garage about 6:00 and when he moved the garden hose roller-up thing, I found my wallet. I screamed a little and he thought a mouse was under there. I checked for money, but no such luck! We threw out stuff that we've been lugging around for ten years. My saving stuff habit totally went out the window. His dad came over and they started putting the grill together while I continued in the garage. We took the empty box and packing material plus two of the garbage cans over to his parents' house at 10:00 to the dumpster. We got home at 10:30. 10:30!! 12 hours after we left town to begin with! All for a grill. So tonight we were all excited to grill. Rob was a little too excited and things got a *little* done. If you know what I mean. He thought the 350 degrees he was reading was Fahrenheit. Nope. It was Celsius. :)

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Marcella said...

What a cute little girl. Congratulations on your new member of the family. Hope you all get to come home soon