Saturday, May 19, 2007


I have this obsession with typos. I don't know why. I blame my English teacher. Journalism class (not as much English) was my favorite class. When Rob and I were dating I was in school in Vermillion and Rob was already working and living in Redfield. He'd send me cards. Rob has this funky thing about poems. He always writes a poem. They don't make sense but they're very lovable. One time he needed something that rhymed with "air" and he couldn't think of anything. So he wrote "so I'll go cut my hair". Yeah...doesn't make sense but that's OK. It's the thought, right? So anyway, he'd send me cards and I'd correct his spelling. I couldn't help it. It was just SO obvious! Couldn't he see those mistakes?! He told me that if I ever corrected him again he'd never send me another card. Well that solved that. Not the spelling part. Just the correcting. I know that I put in extra commas and start sentences with "and" when I type. So I should not be throwing stones, right? Perfect example: the other day I wrote about the baby shower. I usually proofread everything I post. But you know when you write something you can read it ten times and it looks right. You hand it in (or post in this case) and what do you know? There's a typo. So I did proofread. But I missed something. Rob called me yesterday while I was home for dinner. He said "What word does 'W O H' spell?" I asked if that was the beginning of the word and he said "No. That's the entire word". I thought he was reading something at school and needed my help. So I said "Waa?" I didn't know what it meant but thought it might be some educational thing. He said "I'd like to thank all woh attended." I figured it out. I had a typo. So we hung up. About two minutes later he called back and said "I have a good knock-knock joke but you have to tell me 'knock-knock'". So I said "knock knock" and he said "woh's there?" He's so funny. Needless to say, I have edited the post so this is the only evidence it was ever there!

There's a blog that I read that I really enjoy. I think the counter on her blog went up dramatically when I started reading because I check for new posts several times a day. The posts are that good that I think she should post several times a day. I think she's a lot like me. Although she doesn't hold anything back. I'm more reserved on my blog. The point of my story is that she never has typos. She's very articulate. However, this disease I have hasn't fully gone away. Twice I've found typos. And they were good ones. I laughed and laughed. So Elle, even though I give you a bad time, I'm really not making fun of you. They're just such good typos I can't pass it up! And if you want to make fun of me about the "woh" let me have it. It isn't as good as yours but Rob's response made it funny.

You've probably all figured out I'm having a better week than last week. Last week I was just CONSUMED with freak-out-ness. I'm calmer this week. I don't know why. Lots going on, I think. The shower. Graduation tomorrow. Graduation parties that last three days. A new baby kitty to care for. One of the girls I work with has an abandoned kitty that we've been caring for. She's about three weeks old and is just the cutest thing. She sleeps in a box during the day then wakes up around noon. We feed her from a medicine dropper. Amy supervises while I hold her and Ashley feeds her. She just sucks down that milk like she's starving. Then she goes back to sleep. Until around 4:00 as I'm getting off of work. And we feed her again. We're all gonna be really sad when she can eat on her own and Ashley doesn't bring her to work anymore.

I belong to a Yahoo group for Colombian adoptions and people keep posting about a "lista unica". No one really seems to know what it is but it is supposed to make the wait longer for referrals. I emailed the social worker in MN and she emailed the facilitator in Colombia. Cecelia emailed back that the government is trying to place Colombian babies with Colombians first. Domestically and also internationally. So a Colombian on the list will move right to the top and receive their referral first. She said that she doesn't think there are many Colombians on the waiting list so it probably won't have much of an effect. But it COULD possibly mean a longer wait for us. They (the ICBF) were supposed to meet yesterday with the private orphanages and she would find out more after that meeting. As of now I don't know what they discussed. Hopefully it won't affect us too much. We're already up to the middle of June if we receive our referral this week.

When I emailed the social workers about the this list I told them about my dream with the cat. They wanted to know if they could share that with all of the other social workers and other adopting families. I'm glad I amuse somebody!

Rob's at Saturday school today. Last one. Plus there are only three days of school left. I think he's just as ready as the kids. Graduation is tomorrow which means food at all the parties. I haven't felt like cooking lately so I'm pretty excited about this. My dinners this week were either macaroni and ketchup or macaroni and cottage cheese and mustard. One day I did put some garbanzo beans in the macaroni and ketchup for added nutritional value. It ruined the taste though so I won't be doing that again. So then yesterday I just ate the rest of the garbanzo beans for dinner. Then I was hungry around 1:30. Note to self. Eat more than garbanzo beans for dinner.

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Starfish said...

Sorry there is no better news for you. I belong to those yahoo groups too, but I could never read them during my wait. They just made me nuts.