Monday, April 16, 2007

No news...

I figured I'd put that first since that's the question on everyone's mind! BUT, I am in a better mood than last time! :)

Rob had guards this weekend so he was pretty much out of commission. Saturday I accompanied kids at the junior high band contest and did laundry. Sunday I played for church and did laundry. See, I do know how to do laundry! Rob and I went for a bike ride Sunday evening and I thought I was going to pass out. I just can't keep up with him. He will definitely be pulling the baby carrier behind him and maybe that will slow him down a little! It really did make me wish the baby was here!

Speaking of which...I've never really been nervous during this whole process. I think it's because we've just been so busy with the whole thing. But now that we are SO CLOSE...I'm getting butterflies! Seriously! I just can't wait. We totally not ready but I just can't wait! :) I know we'll never be ready. There will always be something to do. And I truly feel unprepared. But this baby is coming whether I have stuff in my house or not! :) So bring it on!

We have a slight problem with the FBI prints...they haven't been processed yet. Totally my fault. I sent them FedEx over a week ago. They arrived in West Virginia at the FBI on Monday, April 9. I wrote on the cover letter that we are applying for an INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION but means nothing if they don't open the envelope! I didn't write ADOPTION on the outside of the FedEx envelope so they just throw them in a pile until they have time to do them. I didn't think I could write on the outside of the envelope! So when I called today to check the status, she told me they weren't even in the system yet and Rob would need to send an email to them requesting the prints be done ASAP. So I typed his email requesting that they process the prints either today or tomorrow and forwarded it to him, he sent it off, and now we wait. I'm a little nervous that his minor will show up this time even though it didn't three months ago.

I emailed the social worker yesterday on the status of our orphanage acceptance. I just didn't think her info was right. What do you wasn't! She said that only one of the Colombian orphanages accepts the family after they receive the application...Los Pisingos. The others don't accept the family until after they receive the dossier. So then I questioned if our application had been submitted to the orphanage since it has been seven weeks sent it was sent down. She emailed back and said that she received our acceptance letter on March 22. It was just never sent to me.

So now I guess we're just waiting. And still trying to respond to some of the emails that I've received! I'm working on them. I promise. And I'll let you know as soon as we hear something!

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