Thursday, April 12, 2007

Everybody send good vibes to the FBI!

We need FAST vibes...not just good vibes. The SW emailed today and said that the facilitator in Colombia said we'll need to redo the FBI prints. So I'm glad we went ahead and did it. I checked my FedEx account and the prints have not been sent out from West Virginia yet. Once they get here I need to have them notorized and then sent to the state to be apostilled. I can get that done in one day. I should get them back from the state the next day and I can turn around and send them to MN to the SW. Of course it always seems to take her a few days to do her part so I know this is going to drag on for another week. I'm grumpy...can you tell??? So anyway, she said they won't present our dossier to the orphanage until we have that form there and we won't receive our orphanage acceptance until a few weeks after they have received our dossier. So much for our one to two month time frame as of February 27. :(

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