Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Would you like the good news or the bad news first?

We'll start with the bad. If you live around here, you know we had a little bit of snow this weekend. But we had our INS appointment on Monday in St Paul so we drove to the Cities on horrible roads, snow, ice...because we didn't dare change our appointment. We got to our friends, the Shantz's, on Sunday afternoon and really enjoyed our time with them. Monday morning, Jason & Rob went to school while Ann & I went shopping. I did pick up a few pieces of clothing at Once Upon A Child that can go with either a boy or a girl. I also got a play thingie from there and two books from Barnes & Noble. Then it was time to pick up Rob at Jason's school and head to St Paul. We got over there and the sign on the door said that they are closed on Mondays. Now why would they have scheduled us on Monday if they are closed on Monday?! So we frantically called our SW in Sioux Falls and couldn't reach her. We then frantically called our SW in Minneapolis who tried calling the INS. They said they would not have scheduled us on a day they were closed. I kept saying "I have proof! I'm looking at the document!". So after sitting there for a couple of hours, she finally said that we wouldn't be getting our fingerprints done that day but we could go to Sioux Falls on Wednesday. Like we really want to take ANOTHER day off. But we really have no choice. Wasn't it just last week that I said things were going too smoothly?

So on to the good news....last Friday Karen told us that we were "in queue". Of course I had no idea what that means, but Erin said it was good news! We are on the list!! Yay!! So when I was on the phone with Karen yesterday I asked her what number we are on the list. She didn't know but said to talk to LouAnn. So I asked LouAnn and she said number 5 and that we should expect our referral at the end of April or middle of May. While we were in WalMart, LouAnn called back and said that she called Los Pisingos and they should have our application translated by next week and that we are actually NUMBER TWO on the list since one family got their referral and two of the families don't have their paperwork done. See, I knew it was a good thing that I'm obsessive and got that paperwork done! So she said while this isn't set in stone, we should expect a referral at the end of March or middle of April. Holy Smoke! That's a month away! After a few moments of being excited, it hit us. That's a month away! We have two stuffed animals and about five outfits! What will this child eat? Where will he/she sleep? We have nothing! We thought we had a little more time to get these things but I guess not. It's better to have it go quickly than to wait the 12-16 months (from the time our application was sent to the orphanage..which is NOW) like we originally thought it could be. So Target...here I come.

We decided to tell our families last night so that we could tell everyone else today. So I first called my parents and told them the story. Poor Rob heard it about six more times as I called my family members. He wanted to know if we could just record it and then say "please stay on the line if you have any questions". After we got back to Redfield, we stopped and told his grandma.

So today is the day for the world to know. It's been difficult lately keeping it a secret but I don't have to anymore.

A few side notes to this post:

1 ~ Congratulations to the wrestlers on bringing home the 8th place trophy from the state tournament this weekend. We are so proud of each of you. And also to the wrestlers from EPJ & Highmore. We may not be there anymore, but we cheered and prayed as if we were. TC, we knew you could do it.

2 ~ I lost my wallet last week. I really have no idea where it is. I had it on Monday at the dentist and didn't have it on Wednesday morning. I have looked in the freezer, the washer, the laundry baskets...everywhere. I know it's somewhere totally stupid but just haven't figured out that place yet. Unfortunately, my ID's are in there so I had to get a new driver's license in Aberdeen on Friday because I needed it yesterday. Little did I know.

3 ~ I somehow ended up on the wrong road yesterday on the way home. Rob was sleeping and I know I went through Hutchinson. I was on the phone with Erin when Rob woke up and said "Where are you?". I had no idea really but knew I hadn't turned anywhere so I must have been on the right road. Hmmm...what do you know. I wasn't! We ended up going through Litchfield and Grove City and then turned south to go through Cosmos and get back on track. I have no idea how that happened but it made me feel a whole lot better when my brother David said he's done it about four times.

4 ~ A dear man passed away on Friday. Mary and family, you are in our prayers.

More later after I spill the beans! :)


Spook said...

Congratulations DANA! I already congratulated your husband, but how exciting for you both.

Erin said...

Yay, Dana! Congratulations. I can't wait to start reading your story when you are in Colombia. Not much longer now!

Man, we're really going to have to get together soon now. This is so exciting. Another Pisinogs baby in the 'hood.