Friday, February 16, 2007

I'm not sure if time is moving fast or slow...

This week has gone by so fast. Every week does. Every day does. And I really haven't accomplished anything worth noting. Still not done with my laundry. And I've gained about two pounds. Casey's doughnuts really seem to be a problem for me. it seems like we should be receiving our acceptance information from the orphanage soon. That would be great, except our application hasn't been sent down to Colombia yet. Hello, people...we can't get on the list until they receive our application! I've been busy getting dossier info taken care of. When I was in Aberdeen on Tuesday I stopped to pick up my birth certificate and marriage license. I also talked to my doctor in SF (actually the nurse) to see if we had HIV tests done last year. We had blood drawn for everything else and test after test after test so I would have been very surprised had we not had HIV tests done. Sure enough we did. How depressing is it that we had so many tests done that I don't even know if we had an HIV test!? Anyway, the nurse said that I could send her the physical evaluation part of the dossier and they'd sign off on it. Rob knows a social worker and he's going to see if he'll do the psychological exam part. Paul is going to act as my "financial planner" and verify our net worth. He's also going to notarize Rob's request for a birth certificate and verify our legal names. We already have our fingerprints from the FBI. So we're pretty much good to go. Getting this dossier information hasn't been too hard at all. The whole process has been so easy. It makes me nervous.

Tuesday at my doctor's appointment, I had such a good conversation with the doctor during such an awkward (is that not a weird word?) moment. I won't name the doctor for fear that it could come back to bite him in the butt. He had a very strong opinion on mothers living off of welfare without making an effort to get a job, waiting to get married until after they are all done having kids so the government will pay for it, medical insurance not covering infertility treatment but yet the government passes on to the taxpayers the costs to support these mothers and their children (who don't deserve to be in those situations). So the whole exam went by really fast because we were too busy talking. Never thought I'd say that.

I'm really jealous of my parents being in warm Cancun while we suffer through this miserable weather. We had above zero temperatures today, though. I almost broke out the shorts.

I've been trying to find outfits for the baby to wear when we meet him/her. I just can't find anything that knocks my socks off. Shopping for clothes, I'd love for this child to be a girl. Paying for clothes, I'd love for this child to be a boy. There are just so many cute girls clothes out there. Of course I can't find anything for the baby to wear on that first day. Internet shopping just isn't cutting it. I'm on my way up to Groton tomorrow for regional wrestling so I'm going to stop at the mall and see what I can find. I know I don't know if it's a boy or girl but I just really want to find the perfect outfit. And I'm afraid that if I have to power shop after we get our referral, the mall in Aberdeen just won't have the right outfit.

Well, I better end this post for the night. Rob's at wrestling, Billy's lonely, and I'm tired. I've really struggled this week without Kramer. Billy isn't a snuggly kitty and I miss that so much. I dream about her at night which makes her be in my thoughts during the day. So then I dream about her at night again. I'm not sure why this week is harder than last week. It just is. I'm ready for this baby to get here so I can devote my attention to him or her. I can't wait! :)

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