Sunday, February 11, 2007

The grandparents know!

We told our parents this weekend. Christy, too. I called my mom & dad on Saturday morning and talked about their upcoming trip to Mexico. My dad and I were discussing the weather and I asked what he thought about taking a trip to South America this summer. He talked about the weather (he is a farmer after all) and then asked where at in SA. I said Colombia. He talked about the weather in Colombia and finally I said "Dad did you hear why I said we're going to Colombia" and he said "no". I said "Rob and I are adopting a baby from there". And there was a big pause. And then he said "You are?" We talked and cried (well I did at least) for quite a while. My mom was at my aunt's house so when she came home, she got on the phone and I told her. By this time, it was after 10:30 and I was supposed to be leaving for the wrestling tournament at 11:00 and hadn't showered yet. So we didn't talk long. After the tournament, Rob and I went over to his mom & dad's. We talked for a while and then Rob told his mom "I got you a Valentine's present but I'm only going to give it to you if you can keep a secret". So he gave her a picture frame that said "Grandma and Grandpa's little something". I can't remember what it said and I even picked it out! We gave his dad a little Christmas ornament that said "Grandpa" and a bib that said "I love Grandpa" or something like that. I'm amazed that I can't remember what they say! And then Christy was home so we gave her a baby picture frame. And then we talked about it until 1:00. Way past my bedtime. Rob's dad ran in the bedroom and got something. As he came back out he said "I have the baby's first present!" It was a Green Bay Packers sweatsuit. I'm glad we told them but we still have a little bit of time before we tell everyone else. Hopefully the acceptance letter will come from the orphanage soon and then we'll know how long it will be.

In other good news, our good friends Angie & Wade had a little boy on Friday! I'm so excited to think that our babies will be the same age! So when we were in Target on Saturday, Rob was Mr. Shopper and picked out two outfits for Carter. He also bought a different stuffed animal because the one I bought was too girly. Neither of us is too into Pooh, but we bought a stuffed Pooh because he is so soft. Rob felt every stuffed animal there trying to find the softest one. We also bought a picture album so we can take with us. It's a baby one and the pictures go behind plastic. Then we'll be able to show the baby pictures of our family and Billy. At Target Rob kept finding shirts that were in the Toddler size that said "My dad is so cool" and I told him if he could find infant size he could get it. He searched furiously but to no avail. Thus, Mom must be the coolest! :)

Today has been rather lazy. I had to play for church and Rob got a fire call shortly after church started. We both got home about the same time. And we haven't done much since. I fell asleep for over two hours. I had to force myself to get off the couch and wake up. Otherwise I won't get any laundry done.

I'm going to get my paperwork started tonight for the dossier. At least our birth certificates and marriage license.

I'll leave you with two special moments from yesterday. My dad told me "You know, this baby isn't just your baby. This baby is for our entire family". And Rob's dad said "Now we really are grandparents". Both brought tears to my eyes. And my dad is right...not only have we been waiting for this baby for nine years, so have our families.

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Erin said...

Congratulations! Not much longer now. I might just have to use those frequent flyer miles to come down there and visit you guys while you hang in Colombia.