Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Oh the sadness of losing a pet.

Yes, we have lost another pet. I took Kramer in to the vet yesterday to have her fixed and have her declawed. I dropped her off and then headed to Watertown. At 8:52 a.m. the vet called and said "I have some bad news". You know me and my weird thinking, the first thought that went through my head was that Kramer was really a boy and not a girl and he opened her up for nothing. Wrong. He said that he had given her the anesthetic and she had a reaction to it and stopped breathing and they did everything they could but they could not revive her. I said "What?" And he repeated it. This is all while I'm driving. So as I slowly lost control of myself, I pulled over and bawled my head off. How could this be happening? Didn't I just go through this three months ago? I called Rob and poor Dawn answered the phone. I could barely speak but she understood me enough to get Rob. I ended up calling the vet a couple of times and also another vet that we'd seen previously. The receptionist at the vet's office said they'd been playing with her up until they gave her the medicine and she just was gone. I asked them to take off her collar and cut some hair and put it in a bag. The bell on her collar is enough to break me down. I feel like I just handed her over to him to put her down. I walked in and he was there so instead of kissing her and telling her that I love her, I talked to the vet and handed her over. At least I held Bob as she died. I wasn't there for Kramer and I feel horrible. I'm just heartbroken. I don't understand why God would bring her into our lives for two months. I know that life isn't fair but this just is not fair. Why can people have kids and abuse them and have more and people can have pets and neglect them and nothing happens to them and we can't seem to have either? Poor Billy. Even though she annoyed him to no end, he misses her. He isn't a vocal cat. But he walked around the house tonight and cried. We've decided not to get another cat for quite some time. Maybe even until after Billy is gone. Rob's dad bought a baby blanket and they wrapped her in it and placed her in a box. After I got home from Watertown, we picked her up and drove to Aberdeen and met my parents. We ate with them and then they took her home. The ground is frozen so we can't bury her yet. They'll keep her safe until spring.

Rob and a friend from school were talking about Kramer yesterday and he confided in her about the adoption. I'm glad he has someone to talk to because he doesn't like to bring his work problems home. And she's someone I really like so I don't have a problem with him telling her. We talked about it on the way to Aberdeen yesterday. We're ready to start telling people. As soon as we get our acceptance to the orphanage, we'll share the news. By then, we'll know how long it will be before we're PARENTS!

We took our pictures yesterday morning and our heads were cut off in a couple of them. So we're going to have to do them again in the morning and then see if someone in Watertown can get them developed at WalMart so one of the plant operators can bring them back tomorrow night. My goal was to have these applications to the orphanages by Februrary 1. Obviously that isn't going to happen. But we'll still be close. The ironic thing about yesterday is that Rob wore his suit to school and I had on my new outfit so we looked pretty snazzy. Rob kept getting asked whose funeral he was going to. Little did we know.

I thought I was the queen of Internet research. I've been topped. My friend Maria found our blog. I have no idea how she did it, but she did. She's good. Now two people have found it. I can't even find it! I can't wait for our family and friends to read this journey and post comments. I also can't wait to get to Colombia and be able to tell everyone what we're doing.

Well, I guess it's time to go. I didn't get anything accomplished yesterday so I better wipe my tears and get busy. Thanks for reading.

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