Sunday, December 31, 2006

Friday, November 17, 2006 ~ Welcome home Kramer.

We debated whether or not to bring home another kitty. Billy seemed so lonely so we thought we'd do a test-run. The niece of Rob's secretary had a kitty that was about two months old that needed a home. Her boyfriend wouldn't let her bring him in the house. I think he probably would have survived outside, but Rob didn't think so. I think he thought I really needed her. So we brought her home one night to see how they interacted. Billy ran up to me, smelled her, hissed, and ran away. I really think he thought she was Bob. When she wasn't, he was very disappointed. I think she has many of Bob's qualities in her. She is very pesky, she loves to play, and she loves her mama. We brought her home for good on November 17 but couldn't think of a name. Nothing really fit. And nothing really goes with "Billy" other than "Bob". We finally settled on "Kramer". If you've ever seen Seinfeld, she is definitely a Kramer. She stands on her back feet and sort of wobbles all over and she has this wild hair. She was used to sleeping in her carrier, so there have been many nights she's been locked in there in the middle of the night. She knows how to jump on the bed. She just doesn't like to. She would prefer to climb up the bed, turn around and go back down the bed...repeatedly. In the middle of the night. She also likes to play with the lace curtains on the window above our head. In the middle of the night. She LOVES to lick my hair. In the middle of the night. There is only so much hair-licking you can take. She also likes to torment her brother. At all times. He really isn't impressed. In fact, it's concerning. He stopped eating. started pooping on the floor, and throws up all over the place. We've been taking him to the vet and finally think we have the problem...he has always had a very sensative stomach. We think he's allergic to his food. He has developed allergies before with certain foods that he's always been able to eat. He still doesn't really care for Kramer, even after feeling better. She just wants to play with him and he just wants to lay on the blanket. I wish he'd turn around and get her, because she runs after him and bites him and he just runs away like a little girl and never defends himself. I've tried teaching him to swat at her but he doesn't remember how to do it. We are anxiously awaiting March 1 when the claws will be removed. Unfortunately, they won't file her teeth, which are extremely sharp. We're hoping she get out of that biting stage before the baby gets here. Billy will be fine with a baby. He's let Kalla hug him and kiss him and pull his ears and pull his tail and has never done a thing. His only salvation was hiding under the bed. She knew where to find him. She just couldn't get him out of there. Smart cat I have!

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