Sunday, October 09, 2011


I forgot to add...while the doctor was here, I asked about Jack's reflux and diarrhea. I brought 300 diapers and 80 wipes. In a week we went through 100 diapers and almost all of the wipes because every diaper is a dirty one! Dr. Clemencia put him on a soy formula and it's been better today. I'm not sure if that's what did in his nap for the day or not, but he finally had a solid poop! Yay! He spit up just a little after he drank so hopefully this is the solution.


juel said...

Dana ..thanks for the great updates..sounds like you are keeping wish I were going to the leather market with you ..jack is so darned cute milk ..hoping that makes things better..we are in new York for a wedding ..having so much fun and your name has come up more than once!!! Xo juel

Christy said...

Hopefully everyone starts to get healthy and stay healthy for awhile... Glad to hear you had a "boring" weekend. Make sure you get enough rest so you don't get sick too. Love you guys!!

the kopkas said...

Ugh for Rob! I hope he is feeling better! I remember all too well getting a stomach illness in Colombia our first trip there. Not fun to be sick and so far away from home, but the doctors definitely knew what they were doing and I was up and around before we knew it. Hang in there! The weeks are going quickly here, hope they are their as well! Enjoy each day!